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daylight lamp or just a daylight bulb?

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  • daylight lamp or just a daylight bulb?


    My boyfriend likes to paint the small warhammer gaming models but is having lighting issues. He had a normal desk lamp but it wasn't very good so I suggested getting a daylight lamp, like those people use for crafting.
    I have been looking online and was wanting to hear from anyone who has a daylight lamp if they make a difference to your vision?
    Also would you buy a whole lamp, or can we just get a daylight lightbulb?
    Any tips?

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    I've got a daylight bulb in a normal desk light...I've had it for years and definitely helps in terms of working in the evening, its good for being able to see 'true' colours, especially if you are painting...hope that helps!
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      I bought a daylight bulb a few years back and it was about £20, I also bought a lamp on sale at about £25 so depends on what you can find really.
      Daylight bulb light is alot better to see true colours as normal bulbs have an orange glow and dont show true colours.
      Edit-forgot to say I bought my bulb from a site called spectrumlighting.

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        I just bought a daylight bulb last week. I wanted more natural lighting for photographing my crafts. Amazon sell low-energy daylight bulbs for about £10, but some of the reviews put me off as they said that it was actually too bright to work by.

        In the end, I managed to buy an ordinary shaped daylight bulb which is painted blue. It works really well for me and my photos are much improved. I got it from my local Maplins for about £2.

        Hope this helps.


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          Thank you everyone....good to know I could maybe just a bulb for the lamp. I think it will make a real difference as he works in a dark corner of the room atm.
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            I would go with lamp, I have 2 kids and one of them studies till late so I got him a lamp so that his small brother wont wake up by other lights. So lamp is what you need, this wont disturb you, here I have posted the image of lampshade which I bought for my kid's room.


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              Illuminated lens, lights up and enlarges all in one go.