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  • recommendation for torch please

    I'm new here, but I just did a silversmith course over the weekend, so I'm now desperate to buy a load of gear

    In particular, I'm not sure what type of torch to get, the tutor said a sievert kit is the way to go, but if I could get away with a handheld torch for now, that would be great.

    I noticed an old thread where Mizgeorge says she uses her handheld torches for most things - I wonder if she, or someone else could recommend a particular torch?

    I guess I'll be using it mostly for soldering and annealing fairly small items.


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    A PT200 does the job cheaply and efficiently. I have all sorts of torches, and use handhelds whenever possible, not least for the sheer freedom of not being attached to any hoses. is the cheapest at the moment I think. Otherwise nimrod europe usually have them in stock.

    Personally, I use an orca rather than sievert, I find the balance better and the tips easier to change.


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      Thanks George. I found the Iroda PT200 at Maplins for £22, which works out cheaper without the postage

      Whats the best way of setting up a heatproof area? I'm thinking a thinnish 300mm square solder block as a base and possible also vertically behind, then a thicker 1" solder block, maybe 150x100mm, and then charcoal block? Could I get away with the woven mats that plumbers use as a general base (instead of the thinner solder block)?


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        I've always found that using a plumbers torch heats the metal quicker and allows solder to take much quicker. Always worked for me