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My Poor Eyes!

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  • My Poor Eyes!

    So, Recently i have been doing some close up engraving work and my eyes are simply not up to scratch.

    I was wondering if any of you lovely people have had experience with magnifying headsets? i have looked around and have found an LED-Headband-Magnifier.
    I was wondering if people would suggest one of these over a fix position magnifier that i would affix to my work bench?

    Could annyone also provide information on how this differs from just wearing someone else glasses (could be a very silly question) its just i dont currently require seeing glasses, and would like to keep it that way!

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    Hi Luke and welcome to the forum, I'm no help I'm afraid. I've never used fixed or headset magnifier but do need glasses for reading and painting etc. Hopefully someone else with more knowledge will be along soon.

    Jan x
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      My hubby's got one of those magnifier headband thingies. I'll ask his opinion when he comes in!


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        Hi Luke and welcome to the forum.

        Not used a headband type but I have always used a magnifying lamp and couldn't work without it. Took it on a 3 day jewellery course and everyone laughed at it till they tried it then they all wanted one. Takes the strain away and I wear glasses as well. But unlike a headband which is fixed you can adjust the distance to suit your eyesight and perspective.

        Hope this helps. Mo,XX
        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
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          I dont wear glasses but have noticed my eyes feel strained after quite a bit of sewing recently so bought a pair of reading glasses from tesco for £3 and they have worked just like a magnifying glass when i sew. I can see the eye of the needle sooooo clearly now!
          I know a few people who use those magnifiers that hang round your neck and swear by them.
          Lisa x

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            Well thanks for the response guys, i have spoke to them, they were very helpful, i had thought about getting some simple glasses but these have the light and the changeable lenses.

            I have a discount voucher for these guys (they asked me to do a little "howto" and gave me 10% off, got to put my stuff all over it to.. )

            I think in the future i will upgrade to one of the larger ones Fluorescent-Square-Magnifier-Lamp-190x160

            I mean, for the min, i think these will do because i dont do to much up close work, i think these desk ones would be great for circuit board soldering etc..
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              Wow, so these arrived today after ordering them at 12 yesterday... i have to say, they are better than i expected, the magnification is amazing, and the light on them makes things so much easier even working during the day, with it being a very focused light its perfect. Took me a wile to get to grips with them (my head feels a little heavy... but im sure its just because im not used to wearing them)

              One down fall, with the highest magnification lenses in i have been told it makes my eyes look like a frog.... wont be going to the shop with them on!


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                I've used both for Fly Tying and found the bench mount type works very well for me. I have to wear reading glasses most of the time anyway but on the smaller flies the magnifier with a flour. light really helps.