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folder for keeping peel offs in

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  • folder for keeping peel offs in

    hi, does anybody know if there is a folder for keeping peel offs in, i want to keep them in sections "christmas, birthdays and thank yous etc" .
    so you can just turn to a page and get the right peel offs, without them getting mixed up.
    thank you

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    A normal folder with those plastic pockets may work out just fine - I keep mine in a box but they aren't in sections. I've not heard of a specific product for this - there may be one out there though!
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      I have one, it's like a mini expanding file. I bought it from a local stationery shop. Will check out if it has a name/make on it when i get home, it only cost a couple of quid and it's really good.
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        peel offs

        I find the easiest storage is plastic box meant for keeping bacon in. Wilkinson's or similar usually have them quite cheap. Have a few boxes, easy to stack and just label. Eileenx


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          I keep banking things in those expandable multi file things, I always lose bits out the bottom as the segments arnt sealed.

          Have you tried those plastic sheer, sometimes coloured wallets, like a long envelope with a popper fastener, usually get them in post offices.

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            I have them! I have 8 - they come from the stationery store and are Europa Multi expanding wallets - There are 6 tabs (7 sections) per file and are GREAT. I keep them all in a blue crate box - holds 7 perfectly!!


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              This is what i use

              They fit perfectly.
              They are made by europa and are called midi expanding file. The have 7 pockets. If you search the internet you may find them real cheap but heres a link to one place that sells them for £2.99.

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                That's the ones I have!!! Midi, not muti - sorry. Exactly the same as Emma's.


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                  That's very nice folder I must buy one like that. Looks very organized and neat.


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                    I keep mine in an A4 document wallet with plastic pockets from Tesco - I did once see something in the Lakeland catalogue I think but this works OK for now - I've got loads of them, I'll have to live to be 150 to use them all

                    Paula xx


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                      I use a credenzer and find this very helpful.


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                        Hi, yes they have invented the peel off folder. i dont use them but its just like the a4 clear plastic wallets but peel off size then i guess you buy a ring binder to hold them in. think it is coslty though, and what other people have said about normal plastic boxes would be just fine.

                        (they are sold in my local art supply store but i dont know the make unfortunatly)


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                          Peel Off Storage

                          I have a zip up wallet peel it storage. It can be found on eBay although it is a bit pricey compared to the plastic boxes but is easy to transport from place to place which is necessary for me.
                          While we are on the subject if anybody out there knows this storage wallet and where you can get more envelopes I would love to find that out after searching the internet for hours without success.
                          You can make your own extras by just cutting the A4 plastic pockets with ring binder holes down to size.


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                            I got these from QVC and they are great (don't use peel offs anymore as I no longer make cards but they are useful for so many other things too!!)


                            I have seen these in shops for around £3.99 each so the price is pretty good - they do seem to hold loads of peel offs (I had about 200 in six folders) and don't take up much room.

                            Hope this helps.
                            Ali x

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