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    Anyone have any advice on a good one that doesn't cost the earth?
    I bought a small one off ebay - was ideal size but no drill bits I buy will fit it and if I drilled anything harder than plastic it would start to smoke. I then bought a large drill set from woolies but it wont take 1.5 or 2mm drill bits . So if anyone can suggest a good craft drill for plastic and wood (about thickness of small dominoes at most) that I can actually buy new drills for I'd be grateful - cheers. - unusual and sometimes downright weird jewellery :P

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    Hello Funky ears

    How about a bead reamer or a dremel. I have used a dremel before and had good results.



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      Someone else mention a dremel - are they easy to get extra drills for?
      This mini one looked ideal but although drill in it seems to be 2mm one I have found that 1.5mm ones are too small and 2mm ones are too big (tried various from different shops with same results) and as far as I know you cant get 1.75mm drills. The metal barrel in drill cannot be adjusted enough to grip 1.5mm or to expand for 2mm and the next barrel up is way too big Lol £40+ spent got two drills here but cant use any of them lol. Dont mind paying for a good one but just need to make sure first I can defiantely get extra drill bits for it that would fit. Do dremel do a drill range or say which sizes fit? Thanks for any help - unusual and sometimes downright weird jewellery :P


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        Dremel or Proxxon are probably best for you - with a range of bits and drill sizes. You really need one with variable speed - so that you can drill slowly when there is a danger of the material heating up and smoking. Black and Decker used to make one a little cheaper - not sure if they still do.
        You can't beat a Dremel, but they can be a little more expensive.


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          I got a Clarke rotary from Machine Mart. Basically a budget Dremel, works ok for me.


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            hi again - sorry for the delay in replying - got carried away with website stuff. I went into B&Q and they recommended a cordless mini screwdriver - the drill bits just slot in and attach with magnet, its cordless so no wire problems and it was only 12 quid with a 3 year guarantee so have treated myself to one of them. Thanks for all the advice and help - cheers
   - unusual and sometimes downright weird jewellery :P


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              check out ************* for mini drills that cost around 35-45 quid plus the do drill bits down to .5 mm.

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                maplins are a good place to get drill bit sets. they go down to 0.3-1.6mm plus they do a rotary kit like the dremel for 20 quid.


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                  I've never had one, but in my jewellery/craft magazines, they are always mentioning Dremel.




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                    You can get them all over the place. Dremel are the more expensive ones and not necessarily the best. I have one I got from Aldi as well as another more expensive one and the Aldi one is arguably better. You should get several different size colletts (the bit you stick the drill bit in) and one of these should take dental drill bits. These can be got easily online. Look for the diamond ones.

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