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  • Xyron Diecutter

    Has anyone got one of these. Whats it like? Would you recommend it?

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    I don't have one (I have a robo) but they were on offer on QVC before Christmas and a lot of people on another forum bought them but a lot of them sent them back. However I have heard people who have them LOVE them! Think it is all a bit mixed.


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      What do you think of your Robo? - does it have any irritating limitations, or would you recommend it?

      (i've also heard the Cricut is very good, but looks a little pricy - perhaps you get what you pay for though - the xyron is the least expensive of the 3 I think?)


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        I haven't had my Robo for long but so far I love it

        I have cut up to relatively thick cardstock with it which i thought it wouldn't do. I like it because it only requires a computer and not endless dies or font books. I explored lots of options and felt the Robo was the best for me mainly because I sell my stuff so i really want to make my own shapes. I do Scrapbooking too and being able to cut lettering in the perfect size for your page is just great!

        Suppose I am saying yes I would recommend it and so far it has given me no limitations but that would depend on what you want to do with it.