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  • Glitter Girls 'Ultimate' Embossing Board

    Evening all,

    I've just been going through some of my cards and fancy doing something different to my 5x7 cards and bookatrix keepsake cards.

    Although I'm waiting for my Craft Robo to arrive then I expect it will be a while before I'm good enough at using it to be able to make anything spectacular.

    I have been looking around at the various Glitter Girls embossing boards and I really like the look of the "Ultimate" board and wondered if anyone knew of the cheapest place to get this?

    The board I'm looking at is

    Thanks a lot,

    Laura xxx

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    I think you will find that the glitter boards are all the same price, the thing to look for is free P & P try Card Craft UK.


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      Thanks Caroline, I'm off to have a look now


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        I managed to get a few of mine off ebay, a couple of cheaper secondhand ones although only used once or twice, but those are few and far between and get snapped up. I ended up getting a couple of new ones with the p+p free. My first port of call is always ebay!!
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          Thanks for the replies... I'll definitely have to keep an eye on Ebay for pre-owned boards as I can't afford the 'new' prices at the moment.

          LJ xxx


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            Thanks to everyone for your ideas on where to get the Glitter Girls boards, hubby has bought me a couple while I've been ill and got them for £11.45 plus £1 P&P each, so now I have the following boards to keep me busy...

            The seller that he used was and they were really quick at posting too... I'd definitely recommend them

            Elegance & Fantasy
            Tall Stories & Open Hearts

            Fingers crossed I get to grips with them, as I've bee struggling with the Open Hearts when I tried it the other day


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              Im sure you will have it sussed in no time at all... dont forget to show us when you make all these lovely new cards up, there is a gallery Ive noticed on the glitter girls site, that may inspire you....good luck with them.


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                Thanks Sarah, I'll do my best to get some new ideas put together and put them up on my blog - the bit I struggled with was the scalloped edge on the largest of the 'open hearts' but hopefully I'll get there with practice

                I didn't know there was a gallery on the Glitter Girls website... I'll have to go and find that now... thank you


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                  That was a really good price you got them for wasn't it.
                  Can't wait to see what you make with your new toys


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                    I know what you mean Laura, I found the heart tricky too, its worth getting the hang of though. Its really pretty, try it in vellum, it looks really effective (it helps when embossing too as you can see!)


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                      Yeah I was really impressed when Gord told me how much he'd paid... it's an Ebay shop so I've got it bookmarked for future reference

                      I'll definitely give it a try with vellum... I've just had a look on the Glitter Girls site and some of the cards in their galleries are stunning, definitely lots of inspiration on there


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                        I too am starting to get a bit of a pile of boards! My latest one is the Eastern one with the ginger jar and kimono which I haven't tried yet and I'm still trying to get my hands on the Dress to Impress one, very simple looking designs, a dress and a baby romper suit but the cards made look really good. After seeing your first Open Heart card I'm looking forward to seeing your new ones
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