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Gullotines? paper cutters? paper trimmer? which ones do you recommend?

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  • Gullotines? paper cutters? paper trimmer? which ones do you recommend?

    First post here - so hello everyone!
    Been researching paper cutters as I need to buy a new one, so far I have owned two, the first sqeuaked and never cut a straight line, the second (a purple cow?) worked ok enough but you could never measure to cut accurately as it had random rectangle sizes marked on but no grid or ruler both ends to align too, you couldn't cut 12 x 12 papers and if you were not careful the paper could easily slip over the tiny lipped edge and not cut straight. To top it all off, I dropped it and broke the lever handle - so a new one needed!
    What can you recommend? I'm not terribly proficient so it needs to be fairly easy to use, it doesn't need to cut anything much more than card but cutting 12 x 12's would be useful, basically it needs to do what it says on the tin and CUT!!!
    Phew... rant over
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks everyone...

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    Rotatrim! I bought my first one off Alan and Barry when they did Create and Craft, then I lost it during moving in one of the boxes and managed to get the exact same model by pure chance off ebay. I looked at the Rotatrim website and found it there, the blue one with about 10 different fancy blades...and I love it. It'll take 12 x 12 to cut lengthways although it doesn't have an extendable ruler along the top or bottom edge, so I take my own ruler and measure that way. Replacement bits seem easy to order off the website, although I haven't done so yet. And the blades seem to stay sharp and cut really cleanly with little pressure on the runner. I believe it takes up to 300gsm card if not thicker, but I'd double check that if you wanted to be sure. I have used another different model (can't remember the name but I'll find it if necessary) and it was awful, paper not staying in place because the lip wasn't high enough and worst of all it was a couple of mms out so the layering I'd done always seemd skeewiff! I also use a small guillotine for thicker card, but that only does straight edges. I also have a set of 12 fancy edge scissors which are great for tiny pieces of card or paper.

    Anyhoo, good luck with your search for a cutter .
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      Maybe that's why I never got on with my trimmer! I bought one and it just doesn't agree with me, I use a craft knife and a metal ruler!
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        Hi & to the forum!

        Good luck with your search.


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          thanks everyone... off to have a look at the rotrtrim!


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            Wow! Just looked at the rotatrim on greedbay - not cheap are they! Then again, you get what you pay for I suppose. Think I'll stick with my stanley knife and metal ruler for now, lol.
            Gail x

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              hi... just had a look, not cheap but then I guess I've already spent over £30 on two rubbish ones that I've had in just over a year... so maybe some of my christmas money might have found a home!



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                Hehe, yep it's definitely a major buy, one that I think was well worth it though, especially with all the different blade edges. I think it's about £70 off their website? I like the fancy edges but if you prefer the simpler lines then perhaps a good guillotine would be better, although the rotatrim has a straight edge too. But then again I suppose it'd be just as difficult finding a good guillotine! Of course, you have the option of having fancy edges if it takes your fancy. I was lucky about the ebay one, it had only been used a few times, and was luckily only £30 (although the p+p took that up a bit!). Let us know how you get on
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                  I've been through loads of trimmers they always seem to break too easily.. Then my ex bought me one from a website for only £7!!! Unfortunately he has left the country and I have no idea where he got it from. It has lasted me good year and a half (and I use it a LOT on a daily basis) its been brilliant.

                  It's A3 size and the only thing written on it is "PC420" no brand names or anything. I've tried googling it before as I'd love another one...
                  If I knew where it was from I'd reccommend it and if you see one on your searches let me know!!!


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                    If you just want straight edges in large amounts and quickly then you need a Professional M series - this range has two bars to support the cutter, grid lines on the base and a goodly adjustable stop guide. (when I was working I always bought these models for the Learning Disability workshops - and they have lasted for years)

                    The Mastercut MC series is cheaper, just one supporting bar but does have the stop guide.

                    The Edgemaster has a range of fancy edges but no stopguide and is more flimsy, with no bar for the cutter to run along (fiddly to positin each shee for a precise cut.

                    You get free P&P from here but I've no expereince of this company - I buy from my local printers suppliers.
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                      It's the Edgemaster that I've got! I find the paper/card stays in place by butting it to either the top edge or the bottom edge and the cutter is fixed and runs down a set runner. I find it quite sturdy too. But this is only my experience .
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