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  • wood turning lethe

    hi am looking for a second hand lathe i live on the wirral never done wood turning before but would love to have a go
    many thanks

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    I've done woodturning before and I would suggest that it is an expensive hobby to start up with no experience. Many lathes need to be secured to the floor if you are working on anything other than the smallest pieces, and ventilation is a consideration too.

    My suggestion would be to research if there are any woodturning courses available in your area initially. That way, you get some teaching in the basic skills, you get to have a go at making your first pieces and you get an idea of what sort of equipment/tools you would want to use before spending any money. You'll often find that you would also possibly want access to other equipment as well such as bandsaws or sanding machines, so I would definitely recommend finding a course to try your hand.

    Good luck with this and let us know how you get on.

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      It is indeed loads of fun - I've had a go myself at a couple of woodworking events. I second the advice to find a club or school or similar where you can have fun trying it out. I'm sure that Craft Supplies run courses, too...

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        Hi Chris,

        I'm a Woodturner, I have a couple of lathes (unfortunately none that I'm selling)..........I'd suggest that the very minimum set-up cost from scratch would be in the region of £350 for a cheap small lathe, basic tools and a chuck - secondhand. Then there's the cost of your wood and ancillary bits and pieces such as grinder, abrasives finishes etc. On a forum I'm on they refer to it as '....the slippery slope' !!

        I'm in Lancaster J33/M6 - too far away from you perhaps, but if you can get up this way I'd happily show you the basics.

        Email me if you want any advice.



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          Isn't it great when new(ish) forum members come along, ask for advice and people try to help them out.......and the new(ish) forum member doesn't even bother to look, acknowledge it, or follow it up........perhaps I'm just getting too old and grumpy.

          Old & Grumpy Chris.


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            Nah it is annoying. Other people look too though!

            My dad made his own lathe! I had a go on it but i wasnt very good lol!
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              Hi Chris
              My father recently passed away leaving a very large shed full of woodworking and woodturning equipment. The location of the eqipment is Heswall on the Wirral. I am selling a Teknatool Nova 3000 woodlathe, with a stand, outrigger and supernova chuck for £850.00, plus lots of other items - please email me if interested.