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Anyone tried Fiskars?

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  • Anyone tried Fiskars?

    Has anyone tried Fiskars
    Embossing board
    Circle cutter
    Shape Cutter-do you need templates with this.

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    Hi! I have bought the Fiskars small shape cutter. It was about £7. 99 of eBay. I am disappointed with it though. I didn't have any templates and a very nice lady in the local craft shop leant me some to try. Well, at the moment I feel it was a waste of money. I was talking to the lady yesterday as I took her templates back. She said she wasn't keen on it. She thought that left handed people (which I am) don't get on with it as the blade only goes in one direction. My card kept pulling and ripping and she said that was why!!!! She said also that some card doesn't work with it either, depending on how the fibres. I suppose that is by trial and error though. Hope this helps. I am actually going to try doing it right handed and see what happens although I think it is all a bit too much like hard word. I have pursuaded hubby to buy me an electronic cutter for my birthday and Christmas combined!(I might change my mind and buy shoes he he). Sue xx


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      I have a fiskars border cutter and to be honest, I wasn't too impressed. I think if I used it too often, I'd end up with muscles like Popeye lol It is, like Sue said, very hard work.

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