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  • Cricut and Cricut Expression

    Hi there, can anyone tell me the difference except price of course, between the Cricut machine and the Cricut Expression? I mainly do cardmaking and have until now made do with scissors and punches. Also is it possible to connect either of these machines to a PC to gain extra fonts?

    Look forward to hearing from you.

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    I think the main thing is the sizes. The expression can do much bigger letters/shapes than the cricut and also I think it will do much smaller.

    They have brought out a 'design studio' so that you can connect to the computer to do things with fonts etc but I think you have to have the cartridges as well.

    I have the expression and really like it. Have also heard good things about the robo (I think this the one I thinking off) too which you can connect to the computer.

    HTH slightly


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      Hi I have the standard cricuit if you search under my name your see few card Ive made with the disney cartigages.

      The differences arent that great - ive tried the expression and wasnt that impressed. I thought it was too bulky as you would need a desk to have it on. As with the standard one it quite compact.

      On the expressions you can have a larger cutting mat and it claims that it cuts better with some on the disney cart but ive had no problem with any of them cutting. Also you can cut things bigger. I personally think it is alot of extra money.

      If you do get one - tip - buy some repositional mount spray. When you mat looses it stickness spray it on the mat. Lengthens the life of the mat im still using mats I bought back in March when I got it, and I use it alot.

      Hope this helps

      Sara x


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        thanks to crafty sara and hannah for their speedy response and advice on the 2 cricut machines. I'm going to go for the standard one. Can't wait. Thanks again. By the way do you know of a cricut cartridge that can cut shapes with a scalloped edge?

        regards Sarah


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          I have the expression and love it i must use it everyday. If you do get any of the Disney carts please dont forget you cant sell anything made with so you wouldnt be able to sell cards or toppers made with anything Disney on

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