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  • #16 If anyone wants a good introduction to wood turning click on the above for a free pdfbook thatis available to be downloaded and printed. I found it very good and very imformative with lots of good tips.



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      Nice one Brian


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        Yes there is only one turning magazine in the UK but probably hundreds of books have been written about turning which you can often pick up in the charity shops and second hand book shops. These days there is masses of online content, websites, blogs, you tube clips af varying quality which are quite educational.


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          What i like about the magazine idea is that i can have them in the shed for reference i am a book snob and wouldnt want them damaged, as for the internet yup always looking, watching etc, sadly i'm a bloke so dont multi task well turning while browsing is beyond my capabilities

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            I joined my local club the EVWA (The one that Keith Rowley set up) a couple of years back and they have made me feel very welcome. However, I ensured that I have taken part in items and shown that I want to be involved. Work through any initial feeling of being the outsider (is it not the case you always are in any group until you have earned your acceptance?) as it is worth it. Whilst my turning was OK before joining both my wife and I noticed how it improved once I havd joined the club.
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              What would you rather have; a nice big shiny lathe, with new shiny tools? Or handing someone your turned object - as a gift say, and watch their jaw drop? I strongly believe that superb woodturning can be done without all those expensive tools.

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                I used to subscribe to many magazines, but a few years ago, I cut back to just two:

                Woodcraft Magazine

                I found out about these magazines due to this resource LINK DROP REMOVED . It offers more cool magazines, but I concentrated on these I've mentioned.

                It all depends upon what you are looking for in a magazine.
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