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  • New Magazine For YOU!

    Hi all,
    I just wanted to hear your opinions on the following idea. Depending on the cost of making this I am thinking of starting a new magazine, where you get to show your handmade cards in step by step format for other cardmakers to enjoy and make. In return you would perhaps receive a free magazine or some embellishments or something crafty. Like i said it all depends on how much it will cost to do so the idea is just floating in the air at the moment I just wanted to find out if anyone would be interested.

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    Any more on this?
    It sounds how far have you gotten with this?
    Keep on crafting


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      New Mag

      Sounds great. It would be a good forum for new crafters to get ideas, which are not out of there reach.

      some of the mags, get a bit carried away with new products and this can be expensive. It would be a good idea to include a craft swap shop, as many crafts acculumate lots of stuff, but don't get chance to use it. Someone else maybe looking for just that stuff.

      Hope this works.

      Nicky Hackwood