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    I have had a call today from a lady from Vogue magazine asking whether I would like to be included in the advertising for their Sept edtion which is focusing on childrens clothing ranges particularly luxury and ranges not available from the high street. I asked her to forward the details to me as my little boy was running riot and I could'nt concentrate on what she was saying this is the email and she has said I can have space for £180 what do you think?

    VOGUE presents....

    Autumn's Little Ideas | FOR SEPTEMBER ISSUE 09

    I am writing to inform you of a specific project we are working on for one of our biggest issues of the year, the always famous September 2009 edition of VOGUE Magazine, which I hope you would like to be part of. I singled out your business because of the quality of your range. Our Bambini feature "Autumn's Little Ideas" will showcase the best of the childrens and maternity market.
    With the editorial in the September issue focusing strongly on the launch of the Autum/ Winter fashion Collections 2009 it is historically one of the biggest issues of the year. We are selecting the best luxury products for children and mums-to-be as our readers will want to see the best of the new children, baby and maternity ranges as well as gift ideas, toys and activities for themselves and their little ones.
    Our 404,000 readers with babies and children are very wealthy and incredibly style conscious; they spend more money than the readers of any other premium glossy magazine on their children, over £69 million last year alone.
    "Autumn's Little Ideas" will allow you to target this captive audience directly and increase the number of sales you receive, whilst featuring your company in an iconic issue of our famous fashion magazine! The feature will be laid out in an editorial style. All that will be needed is a high-resolution image of either something from your current collection or a favourite design.
    We offer 5 different sizes with prices detailed below:
    5x5cm £250- this is our standard slot
    8x5cm £440
    5x10cm £550
    8x10cm £880
    12x10cm £1200
    To reduce the costing we also offer series discounts which can be applied to these rates, for a 3 month series we offer a 10% discount, and for 6 months we offer 15% and for 12 we offer 20%.
    The deadline for this feature is Wednesday 15th July 2009 for bookings and artwork, but remember, positions on the page are available on a strictly first come first served basis.
    For more information or to secure your slot, please do not hesitate to contact me on 0207 152 3625
    Kindest Regards,
    Emma Cathie
    VOGUE Executive

    ** Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail **

    The information contained in this e-mail is of a confidential nature and is intended only for the addressee. If you are not the intended addressee, any disclosure, copying or distribution by you is prohibited and may be unlawful. Disclosure to any party other than the addressee, whether inadvertent or otherwise, is not intended to waive privilege or confidentiality. Internet communications are not secure and therefore Conde Nast does not accept legal responsibility for the contents of this message. Any views or opinions expressed are those of the author.

    Company Registration details:
    The Conde Nast Publications Ltd
    Vogue House
    Hanover Square
    London W1S 1JU

    Registered in London No. 226900
    Bespoke clothing for your little angels!/angelic.folk?ref=profile

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    if you search vogue using the search option on the tool bar you'll find posts relating to this. There ae other members who have advertised before.
    full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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      I appeared in April and May editions of Vogue, I must say that it didn't increase sales at all, but it was lovely and very flattering to be asked!!
      I also got a free feature in Easy Living mag on the back of it, so it wasn't all bad!
      Can't advise either way if you should go for it..... overall I'm glad I did!


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        Thanks to both of you x
        Bespoke clothing for your little angels!/angelic.folk?ref=profile


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          Hi, I was searching web for a question very alike to this one, as I have received the following email offer form "Vouge". How may I know it is true?

          Thank you for your email and great to hear this is of interest to you.
          Here is the further information regarding our children’s advertorial that we are working on for the September 2014 edition of British Vogue (on sale 4th August 2014). ‘Vogue’s Little Prince/Vogue’s Little Princess’ will showcase a selection of trendy and unique clothing and accessories for mums-to-be and their little ones, as well as gorgeous gifts, toys and practical items as inspiration for our affluent female readership of 1.2 million.
          I think your children’s designs are great and so would love to have your collection showcased on these pages to our high end and stylish readership.
          With Prince George’s 1st Birthday we are sure our affluent readership will be on the lookout for new and exciting ideas for their children over the Summer season. 339,000 of Vogue readers are Mums, who spend more money on their children than readers of any other monthly glossy magazine (last year alone collectively spending £110 million!).
          The September edition is a great one to start a campaign with us as it is our International Collections issue. This is famously one of the largest of the year and so will be an especially popular issue, not just for our faithful readers but also a must buy for anyone in the fashion industry.
          The pages will be designed in an editorial style; I have attached a previous feature as an example of how the pages will be styled. Each slot comprises of a full colour image and accompanying copy, which is designed to read as a recommendation from Vogue. You can also add the front cover and these pages onto your website to further use this branding opportunity.

          We offer the below sizes and prices. We always recommend advertising little and often and thus we offer discounts for those looking to advertise for 3 months or more.

          5cm x 1 column = £325 + VAT OR £300 +VAT per issue for 3 months (reduced from £790+VAT rate card)
          1 image and 35-40 word write-up

          8cm x 1 column = £520 +VAT OR £480 +VAT per issue for 3 months (reduced from £1,264+VAT rate card)
          1 large image and 40-45 word write-up

          5cm x 2 columns = £650 +VAT OR £600 +VAT per issue for 3 months (reduced from £1,580+VAT rate card)
          1 large image or 2 images and 50 word write-up

          8cm x 2 columns = £1040 +VAT OR £960 +VAT per issue for 3 months (reduced from £2,528+VAT rate card)
          1 large image or 2 images and 50-60 word write-up

          ¼ page = £1560 +VAT OR £1440 +VAT per issue for 3 months (reduced from £3,792+VAT at rate card)
          1 or 2 large images or 4 images and up to 75 word write-up

          1 column = 4.7cm, 2 columns = 9.8cm
          Your advert will also be available on the downloadable version of Vogue on the iPad, Kindle and Zinio.
          These adverts do not have to appear in consecutive issues- rather, you can book bi-monthly or just the specific issues that you want to appear in and you will be invoiced individually on the on-sale date of each issue. We run our children’s pages each issue with a different focus each month.

          The deadline for the September edition is 11th July, however you will not be invoiced until the magazine goes on sale, 4thAugust, with 30 days to pay. There is very limited space for these popular pages and so we advise to book in advance of this date.

          I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this Viktorija and hope to have you showcased within British Vogue.

          Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any further questions!

          Have a great weekend,

          Kindest regards,

          Tori Barley
          Classified Sales Executive
          T: 0207 152 3625
          E: [email protected]

          Vogue House
          Hanover Square
          W1S 1JU


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            OMG, that is a big money for the adv! I suppose you're already successful in your work without any adv.