My friend had a tremendous sucess story from being features in this magazine for our busy Craft Shop The WINKY BIRDS Craft Centre in Urmston Manchester.

Her business is mainly a Card Making shop, running workshops etc and 62% of the readers of Crafts Beautiful are Card Makers. They are expensive to advertise with as opposed to Making Cards and Parchment Craft but you DO get results.

The Winky Birds were asked to write original verses for them after being featured as their retailer of the month. This proved very sucessful and a booklet for charity was printed raising a lot of money for the Mayor of Trafford Charities.

I would say they are THE one to be in out of all of the ones the Craft Centre sells, if you have that expenditure to put into your advertising
of course.

:roll: Crafty Monkey loves Crafts Beautiful for General Crafts and patterns :twisted: