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whatever happened to Popular Crafts magazine?

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  • whatever happened to Popular Crafts magazine?

    The last issue I remember buying was about October 2004. They have done some Christmas Specials but I just haven't seen the monthly mag anywhere. Have they gone out of business?

    It's a shame because I used to like their style of project which was not too simplistic and sometimes had some really spe******t stuff in there - like glass fusing. A lot of (well most of them actually) craft magazines are predominently card and papercraft which is OK but I really like to try new things.

    The best mag at the moment is Practical Crafts and Cardmaking which always has some cool projects in and loads of them. I also like Crafts Beautiful and Quick and Crafty but a lot of the projects are painting ready made things and just toooooo many adverts!

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    Closed...but there is a new alternative!

    Pop Crafts was closed by Highbury House at the end of 2005, just before Highbury went into administration.

    You may be interested in a new magazine providing craft projects for children - Creative Steps magazine ( The magazine is excellent quality, with clear step-by step instructions and helps support the early learning goals. I would recommend it to anyone with, or caring for, kids under 12.

    It is only available on subscription - which can be done online at the above website.


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      thanks for the info. I'm a teacher and run a craft club at school so I'm always on the look out for suitable projects. I'll give creative steps a try


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        Popular Crafts Is Coming Back!


        I just noticed this post about Popular crafts magazine. Well I have some good news! I have been working on the re-launch of the magazine, along with content for the website.

        For more information visit 'My Hobby Store' online to get the latest news, (I can not post links - you can find the website with a simple google search)


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          making gifts magazine

          hi all

          was in hobbycraft ysterday and bought this mag, £3.95 so not too bad.

          Haven;t had a chance to have a proper read but seems quite good.

          anyone else bought this??
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            Popular Crafts is back on 3rd March with a cardmaking special- and I am the new editor!
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              Originally posted by kerryw View Post
              Popular Crafts is back on 3rd March with a cardmaking special- and I am the new editor!
              Great news! And congratulations. Have they got a website up or someone I can contact for a media pack? Would be interested in checking out rates etc.
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                This what you are looking for?


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