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    Does anyone else use Adobe Digital Editions to read ebooks without having to buy a Kindle?

    I was just sent a link to a free Mrs Beeton Kindle book and was a little upset cos I don't have a Kindle.

    Well I got a bit upset and then realised that most of these books are out of copyright and published by someone, not Amazon. So I followed the link to Gutenberg site. It doesn't do pdf files but I didn't want to give up.

    A bit of reading later and I read about the Digital Edition software. It is free and takes about 1 minute to sign up to.

    I now have 7 ebooks on my PC - all the old stuff you dream of finding copies of in a junk shop.

    Anyhoo - just in case anyone else is interested I thought start a thread and see if anyone else has found any free ebook sites that have some good stuff on them.

    I will happily collate the sites if anyone else is interested. It would be fun if we could add enough to get the thread made sticky

    Free sites which should read all of those ebooks that end in .epub the gutenberg page with needlework on it, there is lots more to look at!
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    I use Digital Editions as I have an ereader that isn't a Kindle (a Bookbox). I can download the usual free stuff from a variety of sites, but I also joined a few libraries up and down the country to use their free ebooks. The best one is Manchester.


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      I didn't know you could do that Judith! I shall have an explore!
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        Great suggestion, I'll take a look at the links you posted later when I have a minute.


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          hi just a little note to this you can download them inand format and i use to convert them to the right format, there are no limits to how many you can do and its free if your willing to use a torrent you can download books in copyright. you can also read kindle books on the pc by downloading the kindle for pc
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            I've been a lover of Kindle since it first came out, so easy to carry hundreds of books with you wherever.

            The BEST program for all formats of ebook is Calibre, it stores, converts, reads all the formats, and best of all it is free. I can recommend this to everyone.

            There is also over 3000 books available to download, again all DRM free. ie; free copywrite.

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              thanks for the link