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    Can anybody recommend any books about Jewellery Making - in particular working with silver (wire & sheet)?

    I am a self-taught jewellery maker and would like to try my hand at silver work (getting a bit bored of just beadwork all the time!)

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    Jewellery making techniques book by Elizabeth Olver is good and has lots of pictures and step by step instructions.

    I have quite a few but I think this is the best.

    Good luck with the jewellery!

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      Hello and welcome to the CRAFT BOOKS section of the forum.

      I have just done a very quick search on Ebay for you under "making jewellery" and nearly 200 listings came up. Some of them were books about making jewellery and some supplies that you may need to get started in this area. All were very reasonably priced too!

      If you are not registered with Ebay you can still browse but will need to register to purchase. If you need any help with ebay in general, I will be happy to advise (my collegues call me Ebay queen!)

      Hope this has been of some help.
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        Thanks for your useful comments.

        Yes, I am registered on Ebay (I actually sell most of my jewellery on there) so I will go and have a look now.

        Once again, thanks and good luck with your crafts!

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          Just love your pieces, what a great idea. I buy most of my books in france. they just love their beading. I am learning French currently of course which helps but the diagrams are very good


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            US wire artist Eni Oken has a website where you can purchase single tutorials online for very reasonable prices.



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              Originally posted by beaderharriet View Post
              US wire artist Eni Oken has a website where you can purchase single tutorials online for very reasonable prices.
              i downloaded 2 of her tut's last week and there really detailed, i'm on pins waiting for my wire to turn up now



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                Eni Oken


                I have all of Eni's tutorials, but not much skin left on my fingers! Lovely intricate designs that I have adapted as I have gone along, very time consuming though. Alway get a comment whenver I wear one of my pieces based on some of her designs.

                I also subscribe to a US mag. called Step by Step Wire Jewellery (but spekt the yank way). Fab designs, load on tutorials and ideas. Can only get it from the States though, it's published about 5 times a year and you can order back copies.

                I am inteterested in knitting and crocheting with silver wire, semi precious gems and pearls. Anyone seen any books/web sites etc?

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                  step by step wire jewellery

                  Hi i think you can subscribe now internationally!! But it comes with a pricetag! Works out to £17 for a year(5 copies) so not too bad!


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                    erm . . .. think this is an old thread - check the date.

                    Step-daughter's website selling hand dyed sock yarns

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                      Hi i've looked tonight and its now being distributed to international places!


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                        My favourite is Creative Silver Chains by Chantal Lise Saunders. There are really easy to follow instructions on making basic chain jewellery.
                        Helen xxx