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  • News crafts book store..

    I've hand picked a load of books that you might find useful.

    Areas i've covered include..

    How to start a crafts business

    Kids crafts books

    Crafts as hobbie

    Great crafting book

    Hope it helps

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    Suitable books for your amazon web site

    I suggestion for your amazon website on craft books. A UK based craft wholesaler sells decoupage project books 8 different types: Winnie the Pooh,
    Flower Fairy-Christmas-Embroidery with decoupage. Each book makes a minimum of 26 cards for a very good price. If you would like further details please email me


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      Craft Business Books

      Hi there, i'm new to the craft forum and am in the (very slow) process of setting up a craft business online.

      Thank you for taking the time to make such an impressive list of books for starting your own business - unfortunately there are just far too many to chose from.

      I wonder if you would be able to recommend a good starting point for a sole trader concentrating mainly on setting up an online shop and with some emphasis on craft fairs.

      Would be great if you could give me a narrowed down list as everything I have looked at which is craft specific is american and I am after something relevant to the UK and our laws and regs.