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  • How to set up at a big event


    I sell jewellery and am going to a fair in a few months whichh is a lot bigger than my previosu ones. Up till now I have usually had a six foot table to fill which is easy. I now have to fill a shell scheme of 3x2 metres.

    I have a table so far but no idea how to fill it all. Also should I put the table at the front so people cannt come into the space, or at the back so they can walk around in the 3x2m space.

    Advice and ideas welcome. THanks.


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    The interior designer in me says make a scale drawing of the space and then one of your table. Cut out the table and any other furnishings and have a play around with them.
    (1:10 is probably the easiest scale to use)
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      Two tables ( if possible) at the back would be better so people would walk into your space and it will look like a shop rather than a market stall. Putting tables at the front gives people an excuse to walk on by. You can also put displays at the back of your tables without them being knocked over. You may need a helper though as in this sort of arrangement it could be easy for your stuff to 'walk' while your back is turned. If you need a stool, a tall bar stool is better so it doesn't look as though you are sitting down on the job. If you leave a gap between the two tables (l _ )you can keep your packaging & money at the end of the table with a stand up display to shield them. You can also stand/sit out of the way while still being able to watch both tables.



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        Setting up

        From my experience setting up the tables deep into the back of the space always caused problems with the visitor. Not everyone is comfortable in actually entering the space to look around.
        We always used to either form an L shape or double bank 2 tables at the front but recessed back slightly for security and any weather problems. By having the tables at the front entrance passerbys can see the stock
        immediatly rather than entering your space.


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          thamkyou these are all really helpful, thankyou. So now i have the dilemma tables in the space, or tables at the front. Its on a few days so will maybe vary it day to day and see whats best. I wonder why people would feel uncomfortabble coming into the space?

          Other ideas welcome



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            Originally posted by lauraj View Post
            I wonder why people would feel uncomfortabble coming into the space?
            The people who would feel uncomfortable are probably the same people who desparately try not to let you catch their eye as they walk past a stall - fear that they are going to be accosted and forced to buy something! They don't realise what happy chatty people we crafters are and we just want to say hello (and sell them something!!!!!!!!!).


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              Hi Laura

              As a newbie you probably haven't seen this old thread which covers some really interesting issues on the psychology of buyers by JBJB - it was your dilema of table at the front or back which reminded me of it

              Hope you get some useful tips from it and a big good luck for the fair
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                Thanks for bringing that thread to our attention - a very interesting and informative one.


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                  these are all really helpful. Thanks all for taking the time.