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How much for a art & craft exhibition (fayre) stand

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  • How much for a art & craft exhibition (fayre) stand

    I would like to know what sort of price people are willing to pay upto for a stand.

    I have located many venues (which are costly!!) i am wanting to hold more art & craft fayres, prehaps calling them exhibitions or show as i want them to appeal to a wide range of visitors and crafters selling mre exclusive handmade products and don't really want to shadow them as a tradition craft fayre held in your local village hall (not that i have anything wrong with them, i have exhibited at many myself!!)

    Please let me know what would expect from a higher cost venue £70 stand.

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    Hi Angela, please dont take offence at what I am about to say - I can only give my opinion and I'm pretty small fry in the world of crafting!! :lol:

    You recently sent me the info on your fayre at the Leicester Race Course, and I have decided not to exhibit as the cost of the table is too much.

    I think if I was taking out a stall at a well established craft fair that had been done in the same place same date for years and was reknowned to have LOTS of visitors then I would pay what you were asking.

    My ideal craft fayre would be advertised as a Craft Bazaar and would have a great range of traditional and alternative crafts/interests.

    It would be good if you could pay a set price according to the size of the area you wanted to occupy but about £20 is my personal tops at the moment.
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      My View

      Hi Angela,

      Generally, I prefer to attend fairs which are advertised as "Gift Fairs" this is because I think RB Jewellery fits well into this catorgry.

      When it comes to the price of stand this is a big influence on whether we decide to book or not. However, having said that I have just booked a stand costing £117.50 in Bournemouth. This is because there will high numbers of visitors, huge amounts of advertising, it is a show which happens twice a year and is well know. We don't expect to make a profit from this show (though it would be nice) after all the travelling and accomadation but it is show which attracts many visitors and we want to be seen there!

      Generally the price we pay for a stand is around £50 and these are for gift and craft fairs in stately homes.

      Another factor is that I need to know there are going to be lots and lots of visitors!

      I hope this helps.

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        Thanks for your replys

        The venues i have looked into are place like the Holiday Inn in the city centre, Leicester Race Course and the Hilton Hotel (off the M1), so great place and locations which should attract many visitors, however they charge around £1200.00 to hire the rooms (usually allowing between 20 and 35 exhibitors) plus table hire (companies usually have a limit on free loaning, so it can cost another £100.00) advertising in local newspapers, banners, posters, flyers and internet sites, this costs around £300.00, but this is making the cost per stand to most probabily too expensive at £40.00 - £70.00, I don't make any money on organising the events, it would be nice to make a little as they take 4 months to arrange and they are stressful and hard work!

        What do you think to lowering the cost of the stands but charging visitors? and how much do you think visitors would be prepared to pay??

        I would like to make all the events i am arranging a regular thing, so hopefully they will become well know increasing visitor numbers again! At the minute its down to a huge advertising campaign (which is costly)



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          I'd like to add my two-penneth to this little topic if I may!!

          I've attended many craft fairs over the past year but have never paid more than £20 per stall. My local village hall fairs were even less and I thankfully have always come home with a profit (although once was borderline).

          But, at most of these fairs I have been prepared for a very quiet day - they don't get the advertising so not many people visit. I also know from experience and personal opinion that people begrudge paying to get in. I have always made it known to my organisers that I would rather pay a bit more for my stall and let the customers come in free.

          This year however I am upping the stakes. My average stall price is approx £75 but I know these fairs are VERY well advertised and attended so I still expect to come out in profit. I am also considering one which is £300 (for 2 days) - this may be a tad pricey but I am assured it is a busy event. Later in the year I am planning on doing a large show and am expecting to pay anything from £800 upwards for my stand! Thats serious money!!!

          My advice to the exhibitors who aren't sure (this is what I do) is if you think its too dear, dont exhibit but go and attend as a customer. Then you can gauge how well attended it is for the money and decide whether it would be worth doing - then go speak to the organisers there and then and get your name down for next year or any more events they have planned.

          Dont know if that helps anyone or not...... :?

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            Your opinions are really helping.

            I know that in the past the Leicester Race Course (where i holding my first organised fayre) have had upto 400 visitors for such events!

            I am not charging an entrance fee. but the stalls are costing £40.00.

            I guess i will have to wait and see how that turns out before planning any others.



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              Just been reading this thread with interest. You have my sympathy Angela, I know exactly what you are going through. It's really down to stricking a balance between all the components of the event (location, number of stalls, expected visitors etc), and that's not easy.

              From personal experience I can tell you that generally the public will pay to get in ...if they come in the first place! The hardest part of the whole thing is getting people through the door. Anything you put in the way (like charging them!) will reduce numbers. All in all I decided to heavily advertise the fact that events were free entry, and overall this seemed to attract more visitors. More visitors = happy stall holders, and happy stall holders don't mind paying a bit more for stalls!

              Don't underestimate the effects of an established event. They will attract more and more visitors as word spreads ...assuming it's a good word that's spreading! It would be a very lucky organiser who gets everything right first time and has an instant success.

              I think you will find that 400 visitors will not seem that many in a medium to large venue. As a very rough guide, and as a stall holder, I would be expecting more like 1,000 plus in a day for a £40 stall. As for paying £800 for a stall ...where the hell is that ...Buckingham palace!!!!!!!!!! I would imagine visitor numbers for such an event would be in the region of 10's of thousands!

              Don't let any of this put you off. I'm sure you are doing the right sums, it's just getting the right answer that's the tricky bit!

              I wish you the best of luck and hope your fayres prove very successful. Please keep us posted.

              John. :wink:


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                Hi John

                Thought you might drop in on this thread! I totally agree with everything you said and I would have to say your last event was a roaring success - it was bustling and felt like a 'proper' fair - I had to fight the crowd at one point to get back to my stall!!! Having said that, ironically I didnt make at much money as at the June fair, but I certainly enjoyed it more, which is actually quite important I think!

                As for my £800 stand - not quite Buckingham palace :lol: but one of the big papercraft shows held at NEC or GMEX, so yes 10's of thousands of people do attend these so I really hope it pays off! I always look at them as good advertising for my business and having made several sales from customers in the Cheshire area, I'm sure some of them found me at your shows, which is more important to me than the profit on the day.

                Anyway good luck to anyone planning on organising events this year, I hope our opinions have helped a tad

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                Huge choice of papercraft, jewellery and wedding products! Full papercrafts catalogue available.


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                  Hi Angela,

                  I just wanted to say that I did exhibit at your show at Leicester Race Course and it was the best craft fayre I have been too - I sold more than I thought I would at a craft fair and received so much positive feedback from people. Maybe it was because I stock many different items and obviously my handmade embellishments are my own design.

                  You put so much work into it and were incredibly professional - you will never be able to please all the people all the time.

                  I was dubious about Leicester as it was the most I have ever spent on a stall but all I can say is that I am really glad I did!!!

                  HAppy CRafting Wishes

                  Traci x

                  [email protected]