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Craft Fairs in Scotland

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  • Craft Fairs in Scotland

    Hi, hope someone might be able to help, does anyone know of any craft fairs anywhere in Scotland? Every time I find one it turns out to have been the previous weekend which is getting sooooo frustrating x

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    Re: Craft Fairs in Scotland

    Hi Kerry!

    Welcome to the forum!!

    Try this:

    Bead Shop, 91 Liverpool Road, Penwortham, Preston, PR1 0QB, Lancashire. Mon-Fri 10am-5pm, Sat 10am-4pm, Sunday 11am-3pm.


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      Hi Kerry,

      I'm from Scotland to and there don't seem to be many craft fair's in Scotland, there are a few in Edinburgh, but I can't remember who runs them. I will find out tomorrow from a friend of mine who does encuastic art and knows when they are on. Not sure about the rest of Scotland. Livingston Crafts Association have a few in West Lothian, but if you are looking to exibit you need to be a member - I think. I can give you there we addy if you want.


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        that would be good for me too! there r sometimes craft fairs in the AECC in aberdeen, and i get emails from them tellin me wats on at the AECC, so if a craft fair comes up ill post it
        :-D! If anyone here is interested in the Sims 2 - visit my forum at


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          The organisers of the craft fairs in Edinburgh are 3D2D their address is, but I can't seem to get on to it at the moment.

          The Livingston Craft Association site is ttp://, but they haven't put this years events details on yet - nae luck!!

          Perhaps we should organise soemthing ourselves !!!!!

          Hope this helps, if I find anymore I will let you know.

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            We are organising a craft fair in April in Glasgow.

            It will be held in Hillhead Library and we are looking for people to join us who are offering modern funky stuff.

            Please take a look at our site and if we are groovin to the same tune, then please email - [email protected].

            Handmade things to funkify your life!