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Lichfield Cathedral School Craft Fair

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  • Lichfield Cathedral School Craft Fair

    I know incy and a few others have been talking about the craft fair at Lichfield Cathedral School this Saturday. I've found this link to it.

    I think creativeclaire has a stall. I don't know about anyone else but hope to see you there if you go.[email protected]/

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    Aaargh! Too late for me, I'm afraid. I'm already committed to an afternoon of very serious pampering on 15th.... hands, feet, eyebrows, facial, bodywrap.... seaweed, mud......moisturiser, massage......I'm hoping to look about 23 when I'm done, but I daresay I'll still look 55. I'll feel great, though!


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      Yup......I`ll be there........I`m ready as ever... NOT!!!

      Been on the phone to a dog trainer instead of sewing. I could slap myself for being so distracted.

      Anyone else going????


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        How it went


        It was terrible. Well, I did make my table money back. The issue was poor advertising, bad signage and also not encouraging visitors to the event to go to other other rooms except the Schools own fundraising area , chocolate fountain and refreshments. It have been a very good event.

        Some people sold nothing at all and there was some very nice stuff there.

        I`m slightly annoyed as I asked the organiser how the event would be advertised before I booked ( once bitten twice shy) sadly they didn`t carry out all the things they said they would.

        Never mind, there were some nice people to chat to! I took some sewing and it was actually quite a pleasant day. Nice view of the Cathedral from my stall etc and some lovely singing from the Cathedral choristers just not very profitable!!!!!!!! the cream teas ( free to stall holders) were rather good too.


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          Sorry it was such a washout Clare. Missed the cream teas but Evie did partake of the chocolate fountain. It was a bit of a nightmare to find your way around. They should really have printed a programme and map to guide people. Ah well. If you covered your table let's hope you generate a few enquiries afterwards.

[email protected]/