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Camping at craft shows

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  • Camping at craft shows

    One of the joys of doing craft shows is that you get to camp at some amazing places and events. It us usually the 2 day or more events. So what is the best tent to get. There is quite a choice. There are the dome type, tunel, old type of ridge, some with a front porch are, some with sewn in ground sheets, fly sheets and so on. I would do your research and there are a lot of demonstrations on youtube etc and they vary in price a lot. You need to consider that some sites will be quite exposed and windy so maybe get something that is quite strong and durable. A lot are made for festivals and weekned camping trips but you may go events that last a week or so.
    It is nice to go back to your tent after a long day of selling and talking to the public and to wander about in the evening and chat to the other stall holders and sometimes there is entertainment going on.

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    The best tent in my opinion is a campervan

    But seriously, I do love camping too and I'd say that a tent where the groundsheet is sewn to the lining is essential, just ask my sister in law who joined me camping a few weeks ago and had a seagull pecking under her tent side in the morning, lol.

    Plus ... slugs crawling in if it rains or is damp, etc etc. Need to be sealed into your tent from various creatures but one with good ventilation included. I always find that Vango do excellent quality tents that are always practical and well thought out.

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