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  • Im lost!

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to start out on the journey of craft fairs to pick browse ideas and don't think I'm looking in the right direction. I went to a wedding fair in cumbernauld last night and it turned out to be about the venue and what they offer. Nothing to do with stationery etc. Can anyone give me their tips on where to find the good fairs around scotland please? I'm looking for Papercrafts/wedding crafts. Thanks x

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    Wedding fairs can be very expensive and have always found from my point of view not worth it. Brides are looking almost 2 years in advance of the day and pick up loads of leaflets etc. then promptly forget what they looked at. You may be better getting a catalogue of designs done and trying wedding shops to see if they will display for you. Try to get an editorial in a wedding magazine, local magazines we have Hampshire Life who are very good with that sort of think.

    Sorry could not be more help, do you have a website as a lot of bridal things are ordered online now. If you do go down the leaflet route drop some off at offices, beauty and hair dressers etc. You need to go where there are young women getting married and other friends who can urge them to order.


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      Hi no that's a great bit of advice thanks. I see exactly what you mean. I don't have a web site but am trying to set up a facebook page first to see how it goes. I ordered business cards and put the wrong digit on my phone number!! Haha... so as you can tell not quite there yet but working on it. A local bridal shop did tell me to drop some in