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  • South Somerset art and craft fairs

    Hi everyone, I'm a newbie to the craft forum, although I have been painting and selling both full size and miniature art for a living for the past five years or so.

    I was planning on having a local exhibition of my full size art in the very near future, however having come across this great site and read about the many crafts that are being done I got to thinking that perhaps I could organise an arts and crafts fair. I'm checking a number of venues although no date has been decided yet, I would be hoping to get something going within the next couple of months. I'm looking to hold the fair around the south Somerset area, I live near Taunton, and this area has easy access with the A303 and the M5.

    My first thoughts are to be able to offer the public a wide range of art styles and different crafts and to be able to offer the craftsperson/artist an affordable way of getting their work in front of the public.

    I have done 'one man' exhibitions before, but nothing involving lots of people so would be very open to any advice, both from those who have been to craft fairs as stall holders, and those who have maybe organised one themselves.

    Lastly if there is anyone in this area who would like to get on board and help, please get in touch.

    Remember a long road is best travelled with plenty of breaks.

    Even the best of us make mistakes!

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    I'd certainly be interested to hear about it when you've got it going, Andrew. I sell hand-made jewellery along with my friend who makes fused glass jewellery and bowls.


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      ooooo.. me too, i'd be interested!


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        I'm near Ilminster and would be interested in joining.
        In my experience the main thing a craft fair needs is publicity. You can have the best crafts available but if people don't know it's there it's not going to be a success. An article in the local press if possible - very often they are scrabbling around for stories, posters for a week or two before the event in places where the buyers will be ie: hairdressers, local gym, newsagents etc. And plenty of posters in the area around the venue on the day to draw people in.
        You also need a venue that is easily accessible and not too far out of the way that people have to travel miles.



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          craft fairs

          Good afternoon Andrew,

          I would be very interest in any in joining you in you in your new adventure, I make hand made jewellery and card I know ther plenty card and jewellery makers out there but a bit of friendly competion is ok. not to much mind.
          I am thinking off doing the same thing in and around Bristol area myself, as craft fair are far and few. So if there any body interested please get in touch, joinet venue might be the way to go with bring and buy, stamp and collecter fairs , quiltering/sewing clubs
          I only joined the forum last Thursdays, looking for craft fairs on the net.

          Good luck stay in touch with the forum so we can keep update with your procress.

          Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Happy

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            I would be interested as well. I live in Bath and craft fairs are in shortage around here.

            I make bead and wire jewellery as well as bridal jewellery including tiara's, fascinators etc.

            I have little experience with craft fairs but please let me know if you need any help at all.