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help! Craft fair headache

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  • help! Craft fair headache

    How do people manage to get all the stuff they need to a craft fair? I'm looking at doing some and they often say that you have to provide your own table and lights etc, not to mention tools to mount things on the walls and a stool to sit on. And the work of course and things to display it all on and in. It just all seems like such a headache! I want to apply to a fair in London and I have to pay up front. I don't want to end up being accepted and then not be able to make it there and lose my money! I certainly don't want to drive to central London, but I couldn't manage everything on a train.

    How are you supposed to manage it all? Has anyone else had similar issues?

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    I don't drive at all, so if I can't pester a lift off a friend, then I get the bus. This means that I need to compact everything down to the smallest size I can and hope that it fits in the space at the front of the bus for prams. I have a wallpapering trestle table that folds down to about a1 size, and has a handle on it, I have my display boards in my art portfolio case, you can get little folding stools (have you ever seen walking sticks with a stool attached? that kind of idea) and everything else I cram into my rolling luggage.

    In Glasgow, there's always someone willing to help me get my stuff on or off the bus if I look as though I'm struggling (which I usually do seem to be, on account of being 5'2" and a general air of patheticness! ) but I could manage it alone too


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      I've become a master at packing everything into 3-4 plastic crates, but even little 6ft4 me couldn't manage that on public transport! I basically couldn't do the craft fairs without my car to get me to and from the venue so I don't envy you at all. I would see if you can get a friend to drop you off and collect you if you think it will be too much to manage on your own.

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        I used to take everything and the kitchen sink to event's. I'm proud to say I am noe down to the three enormous plastic crates (provided by East Yorkshire Council .... for my recycling!!!) (I do recycle .... Honest it's just not in my big crates!!!)
        I have two on the back seat and one on the front seat of the car.
        I simply couldn't take enough stuff with me on a bus.
        full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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          I'm lucky enough to have transport too but the only other thing I can suggest that might be helpful otherwise are those bigger suitcases on wheels? I have a small one to take samples to peoples homes and will be using the bigger one for my first proper fair this weekend

          ...but as for carting tables and stools and all your stuff on & off the bus, I bet that's tricky to say the least...I'm only 4' 11" so I only have to carry a shopping bag and it drags on the floor!

          All the best!
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            The thought of going to a craft fair on public transport feels me with horror. I don't drive, but fortunately my husband is a willing taxi driver!!! Particularly the events where I need a table I fill the boot and the back seat and the wells in front of the back seat - the trouble with cards is that if you don't take a good stock then someone always wants the thing you haven't brought!!!! I also do craft packs and have a display stand, two display stands for my cards and then photographic prints etc etc, so I can't begin to even think of travelling light.

            That is not much help to you is it. Can you find a willing friend to come and help you with the stall and drive you there?!


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              thanks for your replies!

              Lol, some funny mental images!

              I think I shall have to get some help, don't think I will manage on my own! and I don't think I can pack everything small enough.

              Will have to book someone to be a taxi before I apply I think, I'll see if my partner Ben will mind helping me.

              Shame, I quite wanted to be all self sufficient and organised.

              Never mind


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                Shouldn't worry about being self-sufficient if it means you are worn out before you get to the craft fair - a little help goes a long way.


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        're right to have these concerns.

                  From experience I would only do a show if it has easy access into the building, and it's easy to drive to.

                  Depending on your craft and what you need to take, negotiating steps or not being able to park upfront to unload can be a nightmare.

                  These are things the organiser may not mention, always worth asking

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