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  • Fair Red Dragon Center Cardiff Bay

    Hi Everyone,
    I have fairs running right through the year at this event, 1 weekend every month.
    The cost in total for the 3 days is £40.00 (Main Entrance) & £25 (Side entrance).
    This is a fabulous venue with 10,000 + footfall on weekends.
    Next fair is Feb 29th - March 2nd ( St David's Day & Mother's day on same weekend) busy busy busy!!!
    If you would like to know more please contact me & I will send you details,
    my email is [email protected]
    I also have other venues available for booking ,Crafts handmade by crafter only please no brought in goods!!!
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    Just joined craftforum today, so missed your event in Feb/march.
    If you have any space avalible for hand made cards/jewellery, pretty please let me know. Just starting on the craft fairs, finding it hard to get a look in or to find venue near Bristol. Could hold some my self if I kwen were to start.

    Beeeee Happy



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      Re - Fairs

      Hi ,
      Unfortunately I am fully booked for Jewellery & cards up till dec 12th 2008,
      I don't book more than 4 of any one craft at my fairs as unfair to crafters..
      It is hard trying to find a descent venue, I am so lucky getting the centre I have, that's why I booked all year,
      If you want to start running your own fairs good luck !! Try tapping in events in your area on web, try shopping malls etc (Though they can be expensive) or multiplex cinemas, & anything that has some other event happening , they may not mind you running a craft fair alongside them if it works well with that is happening.
      Keep an eye in your local papers of events happening & contact venues for details of events they run through the year & see if you can go & check venue out before booking to see the footfall they have...Sorry can't help much Just started this year myself properly, I used to do church halls & found them a waste of time, so looked to the centres,
      Good luck & keep trying,
      Best wishes,