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expensive exhibitions/fairs-worth it?

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  • expensive exhibitions/fairs-worth it?


    i have been offered some spots at the following exhibitions, can anyone tell me if they have ever or know of anyone who has displayed their work at them?

    They are quite expensive to have a stand but i wasnt sure if it'll be worth it in the long run.

    The lincolnshire ideal home exhibition,abingdon craft fairs, and 'design edge'

    many thanks

    Dee x
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    Havn't done really expensive craft fairs. What I did do was go to one to check out who exibited and found there where few "crafters" there. It seemed to be people who sold kits as it happened I knew two of the exibitors and asked how buisness had been and if they thought it had been worth the hundreds of £'s they had spent ? They weren't very positive.

    If I were you I would check them out to see if your craft fits in the profile of the other exibitors you would be with. I suppose it depends on what you are trying to achieve.

    Best of luck anyway
    Cheers Janice


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      Not sure what you sell but I aoid the "Ideal Home" types of shows... they tend to be full of Mass produced stuff from abroad touted by "hard sales people" which is a very different atmosphere from a craft fair.... depending what you sell you might well be in direct competition with someone selling cheap bought in stuff.

      The adice of visiting a show or a least another show by the same organiser is good advice... it is also imoprtant to ask exactly what type of show it is: gifts, craft finished, craft materials etc etc etc
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        Ideal Homes Shows

        Splatcat is correct that the Ideal Homes type of event is usually filled with firms emplying commission only sales people who need to sell to live, however the Lincolnshire event you mention is on the permanent Lincolnshire showground and the craft fare is seperate to the actual Ideal Homes Exhibition, in fact its next door, a big attendance is fairly certain which make the price more attractive I think. The Abingdon event is well attended so some folks must think it was worth it or they would not go back the following year.

        David Griffiths