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  • Indoors or Outside?

    Inside, in the guaranteed dry or outdoors in the (hopefully) sunshine?

    Given last year's horrible summer (and this year's very wet start) has the weather put anyone off booking outdoor events?

    I'm curious....

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    not yet, still hoping. I think this year will be really warm, fingers crossed.


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      I'm never booking outdoors ever again .... never, never, never.

      Does that answer your question?
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        Still booking them, most of the best craft shows and festivals are outside. OK quite a few of the summer ones which should have been fine were rained out but then there were others (like Easter) which turned out to be surpringly nice :-)
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          Never, ever, ever booking any more outdoor events - you panic is it going to rain, is it going to be windy - generally guaranteed you get both!!!



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            I am going to book both but preferably indoors!

            I like being outdoors but only in the summer months, even then the weather isn't guaranteed

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              I'm not sure I'll ever do a craft fair again, really, indoors or out. Both have their pros and cons: an outdoor fair on a fine day is lovely and people seem to be encouraged to spend by the fine weather, sort of.

              I saw a Mother's Day fair in Stafford mentioned on the forum and was tempted - then realised that I haven't enough cards to warrant going, and haven't the time to make them before 23rd February!

              I have to say that the fairs I have done I have enjoyed. On only two did I make even a miniscule amount of profit, and that was swallowed up, and more, in ancillary expenses like fuel. I simply cannot afford to go to any more taking the chance that I'll be out of pocket: although Himself and I are what used to be described as 'comfortable' I can't keep spending willy-nilly.
              We have two grown-up daughters and a grandson, and both our girls require financial assistance from time to time, which is a drain on our income. Neither of them seem to realise that we have bills to pay, too!

              As a public sector worker, I'm looking at a cost of living pay rise of 1.9% ( and MP's have just awarded themselves 2.8%, very good of them isn't it) and I know it won't cover the increased cost of groceries and fuel, let alone the increase in council tax and other charges. Everyone is in the same boat, public sector worker or not. In real terms, less cash is coming in, and it has to go further.

              So I'm afraid that something has to give, and I think it will be the craft fairs.


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                I've only ever had one stall outside and it was HORRIBLE! It started to rain and all my things got wet, even though it was a covered stall (diagonal rainfalls!), absolutely everything had to be duct taped down so it wouldn't blow away and event hough I had my jammies on under my jeans to try keep me warm, I was still freezing

                To be fair, I probably shouldn't have started my outdoor career in November, so I might try again in the summer months.


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                  no more outdoor fairs for me!!


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                    I have booked to attend anoutside one in June it will be the first outside one I have ever done so I am hoping for good weather.



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                      Have only ever done two so far . First was at Roslyn Chapel and at 8 O'Clock a.m was so wet we couln't get out of the car park with out our wellies But.......It was one of the best fairs I did last year .I think we earned the sympathy vote.
                      The other one was a long running fair and was heaving , even though it was November.

                      Wouldn't be put off going outside but would be better orginised re. covering the stall , you could tell the ones that had done before cos they turned up with extra tarp etc.

                      Cheers Janice


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                        I think I would only ever do an inside one, I wouldnt want to take the chance of geting all my things wet and also i spend an hour every morning GHDing my hair and i'm not getting it wet for anybody...the 'frizz' is not the look i'm after!Also I don't have the equipment for outside stalls.


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                          Indoors at outdoors

                          Double Dutch perhaps, but at a lot of the bigger agricultural shows and vintage festivals there is a craft marquee, so you are outdoos and also indoors, no rain, no wind, no snow in July, but also if its hot outside, its very hot inside which is a minus point I suppose.

                          Our Heartlands Vintage Festival in Blackwood over the weekend of 19-20th April will have a large marquee and a lot of craft wrokers inside demonstrating how they make their stuff and also normal sellers or retailers.

                          The advantage of these events is that you get 5,10,15 or more thousand coming through the doors/gates and a good majority of them will come into the Craft Fair, after all they paid to come to the show so they will see everything.......

                          That means you will have ten or twenty time more people than you would see at the normal indoor craft fair and these people are not craft minded when they come in, your job is to change their thinking and make the sales.

                          Prove me wrong, but if you do an outside event, ask the potential customer did they ever visit an indoor craft fair, a pound to a penny says 90% will say no !

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                            You may well be right, David. I've done indoor craft fairs, but never a proper outdoor one. Although I did one in a barn whose roof leaked so much it might well have been outdoors.....

                            Blackwood is really too far for me, as I sell quite low-value things and in order to make even my fuel back I have to sell a lot. My profit margin isn't high, but I found that even at the price I have the stuff it's hard enough to sell, and it's not rubbish either. But Caerphilly is soooo nice....

                            If we believe the financial pundits, 2008 is going to be a hard year financially for the UK. I dunno. I've sold some bits and bobs to the US, but with that very weak dollar, it's expensive for them to buy from the UK. I'm wondering if people will be put off buying as they're not sure what available cash they're going to have this year: if they're going to be able to pay the bills, let alone indulge in luxuries.