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Welsh Heartlands Vintage Festival

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  • Welsh Heartlands Vintage Festival

    We are looking for some nice craft stalls and workers for our vintage festival at the Civic Centre & Country Park in Blackwood near Caerphilly over the weekend of 19-20th April.

    This is a very attractive outside venue, less than 12 miles from the centre of Cardiff and Newport and less than 40 miles from Bristol city centre by road. With a big advertising and promotions budget we are looking for at least 12,000 visitors per day. We already have over 400 vintage vehicles registered with three months to this space.

    We can offer space in a large marquee or 3m square three sided mini marquees in a craft mall outside.

    We see the Craft Workers Feature not as a money spinner, but an attraction, we simply want to help promote craft workers and artisans and simply cover our set up cost for the marquees etc.

    There will also be a Food Fare and Continental Market.

    We have a website and would like to invite you to visit but we are not allowed to give you a link here as we are newbies.

    So simply look up welsh transport Festival on your search engine and it should taker you there.

    If any of you good people has any ideas or suggestions to help make this a better event for you, then please do not be shy, give us a shout on this forum or contact us through the website.

    David ( Borecman )

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    Bookings are coming along nocely for our Heartlands CraftsFest for the weekend of 19-20thApril, but we need more demonstators to show the visitors how your products are made .

    If you are willing to do demonstations on your stall, we will make it really worth you while with a BIG sicount.

    Conmtact u by writing to
    The Festival Director
    Festival Office
    59 Cardiff Road

    or visit our website


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      Happy Autofest

      I had contact with the two offficials/mangers/organizers of this autofest since october 2007. Our bands has since been booked to perform on this event. Several times re-confirmed. So we began to to prepare the logistics, travel arrangements, routing of gear and equipment and technical staff, we refused in good faith other lucrative and interesting contracts for gigs which would have had during the same period.

      Now, after many promisses to let us have a down payment to settle the logistics expenses which we had already and other expenses we would have soon, they just cancelled the entire musical and artistical programme (bands, music but also the celtic wrestling and monster truck exhibit etc...). They claim that they have not got the clearance from the local authorities to have such an event with music, show and so on...

      Although I cannot state that this is a blatant lie (maybe there is a grain of truth), I think the organizers promissed on their website since last year with a lot of hype many attractions in order to attract exhibitors and visitors to fork out reservation money on entry cards, stall etc... They used our good name to sell better their autofest and then let us standing in the rain.

      Naturally when you organize a big event you have to deposit securites with the local authorities and fulfill the requirements regarding security, sanitary, parkings, firemarshall and lots of other aspects.. I think they are either bloody amateurs or fancy con men, lurring people to spend money on a project which may or may not take place and under unkown circumstances und unfilled promisses.

      I urge you to get in contact with the local town council there and ask around if they know at all about this festival and if all garantees have been given and the final clearance from the town council is a fact, before investing your good and hard earned money.

      I insist: the 2 Directors of this Festival do not behave as professionels, most probably they are definitly not professionels at all, maybe in the worst case they are con men and take your money and run.

      Take your pick!

      Keep on rocking!
      Gert (bandleader and manager of the backtracks band)