We are pleased to let everyone know that on 7th September2013 we start our Craft Fair and Table Top Sales at FACET, Marwick Centre,21 Marwick Road, March,Cambs,PE15 8PH

FACET is the registered March charity that teaches those with learning and other disabilities life skills and other classes such as craft, woodworking, drama, horticulture and cooking etc so that the individual has better self confidence and able to lead a fairly good independent life.

We have two main halls, kitchen, toilets, disabled toilets etc.

We start putting up at 10am, open doors at 11am and close doors at 3 pm, clear by 4pm

Tables are £5.00 at time of booking. No bookings after 21ST August - that is set in concrete !!

All exhibitors to kindly donate a raffle prize.

All proceeds will go to the charity FACET

All inquiries by email to [email protected]
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