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How far do you travel for craft fairs?

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  • How far do you travel for craft fairs?

    Hi everyone,
    I'm currently organising a craft fair (you may have seen my post for stall holders) and I was wondering how far people usually travel to attend/trade at craft fairs. I usually sell my handmade jewellery and cake-stands at vintage fairs and I travel up to an hour to get to them. It would be really useful to know how far people are willing to travel so I know which people to approach to offer stalls to and where to put up posters advertising my event.

    Thanks for any help

    Becky x

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    Hi not actually done any but I think an hour is a reasonable time. If I was doing one an hour would be maximum unless I had been before and knew it is usually worth a further drive.


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      As I only do small or spec-lia-sed fairs will not travel beyond 20 miles about half an hour max, mainly because that allows DH to come with me and help me unload, get home and back at the end of the day. I gave up the long distances some years ago and now prefer to stay local but do know other crafters who travel half way across the country, all down to personal preferences and ones comfort zone.


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        I prefer local events, so no more than 30 minutes drive away. Sometimes my hubby drives me there and picks me up later, other times I drive myself. We share a car so a lot depends on how long the event is for, whether he needs the car, and if there is parking available. I don't do many fairs over the year. Right now I'm trying to work out if I'm better off staying at home and selling on ebay (and etsy), or selling in person at fairs.
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          Personally, when I was selling at fairs, I would usually travel up to around an hour/30 miles ish depending on the event. The distance people are prepared to travel does depend very much on the size & scope of advertising of the fair though, the smallish fairly regular craft market I run attracts crafters & buyers from up to around 20 miles away, but for the large annual event I organise, crafters & visitors come from all areas of the country.
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            I'm working up the courage to go to a craft fair (as a stall holder) - but I'd probably only want to travel for an hour.
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              Hi everyone, thank you so much for your help.
              I think it really does depend on the type of fair but I think half an hour to an hour is about the average. Since my event is a new one I think I'll look for stallholders within 30mins driving distance and advertise in those areas.
              Lucy - craft fairs are great! I have been to over 50 and I love getting to meet customers face to face. Everyone is really nice and always complementary about your work so I say go for it! You also get to meet other lovely crafters and get inspiration for new projects.
              x x x


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                It really depends on how far you want to expand your business (without a website). Obviously the farther you can go & more frequently, the greater the chances of making more profit. (obviously you also need to factor in travel costs!)

                In my 8 years of craft fair business for my quilling & paper crafts, Ive pretty much traveled across continental USA!

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                  I would travel no more than 1 1/2 hours, which doesn't get me that far since I have to use public transport.
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                    We are very close to the centre of the motorway system so usually have a wide choice of events within 30-45 mins drive. When looking on stallfinder usually look within 30 miles of our postcode.



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