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  • absence of fairs

    Hi I'm really struggling to find local fairs to sign up with, just wondering how others boost or maintain sales without fairs?

    I'm already selling online but so far nothing has sold in six months. Advice much appreciated

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    Where on line are you selling? How are you advertising/promoting your work and your online shop?
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      It's a tricky one. I've been doing shows for years and that's how I've built up my client base.
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        Eventually, you will have return customers, as well as showing up in search engines if you work at SEO - but this doesn't come immediately, it takes time and patience.

        In the meantime, though, you can do a lot to promote yourself online. If you aren't doing craft fairs, you can invest the time you would've spent at them on your promotion.

        Things like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest (and a whole lot more!) can help. Also, regular blogging will help - with key words, links to your website or online shop, and interactions with other bloggers. A blog also gives you more to talk about on Twitter and FB - you can link to it and it's less salesy than linking to your shop. It also can hook people in. Blogs are brilliant for finding customers from search engines and each post can bring people in even years after you've written it.

        I think the key is not to try to do everything at once as it can be overwhelming. You'll find the ones which suit you, your products and customers. Good luck!
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          Can only echo what Wendy has said. We started with just a website and over a few months developed Facebook, Twitter and latterly pinterest activity. Started out as technodinosaurs not really knowing what we were doing but plugging away all the same. Fortunately our daughter (who lives overseas and lives by Facebook communication) came home for an extended stay over Christmas and sorted out MANY gremlins with Facebook. We now post a lot more on both and have seen traffic to our website increase a lot.

          We also now use Fairs/events as name gathering exercises to widen our database of customers who are happy to receive emails from us.

          Just a matter of plugging away to see what works for your business. Good luck


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