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Comic-con/convention in comparison to craft show

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  • Comic-con/convention in comparison to craft show

    Hi all,
    Was just wondering if anyone had been a dealer at a comic-con or a convention style event as opposed to a craft show. I know it is a bit niche perhaps, but I was wanting to know if anyone had advice for an event like this, and if it differs at all. I have been to the MCM expo in London before, and about a third of the hall is set up with artist tables and small sellers. Having researched it, it can be £140 for a table (bit steep I know) but it gets a huge amount of footfall as it is a multi-attraction event. I do a lot of modern culture themed items (based on video games, anime, etc.) as well as costume items, which I think would be perfect for this. If any one has any experiences of selling at an event like this it would be great to find out. Also if anyone hasn't heard of the MCM expos before (they happen in London, Manchester, Birmingham NEC) and sells similar themed items I would definitely recommend looking them up. Thanks!
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