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  • Tablecoth advice!

    Does anyone have an idea how big a tablecoth/piece of fabric needs to be to cover a fairly standard 6ft long table (touching the floor on one side? I had an idea of buying a large piece of oilcloth (wipe-clean for jam spills!) but have no idea how big it needs to be!

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    Oilcloth will not drape and could be problematical securing as quite thick, I made my own with sheeting fabric (240cm wide) about 3 metres length, cut off the excess on the long side and hemmed all the way around. the sides are pulled up when on the stand and secured with pins, covering the front and sides plus the top.


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      I bought some custom fitted table covers which are made to fit onto 6ft banqueting tables. They are exactly the right size and length. I think they cost me £9.99 each, but are worth it. I got them from Scotts of Stow. They do have a website. Of course, they're not wipe-clean, you'd have to wash them if they got dirty.


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        i bought a double flat sheet that covers it very well.


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          I bought half a dozen banqueting tablecloths from ebay - they are 72" by 108" - and use them, in combination if necessary. to fit whatever odd-sized table I am allocated, with the aid of table-cloth clips. They are thick, drape well, wash beautifully on a hot wash, and dry very quickly indeed. I also have a piece of clear vinyl 6ft x 2ft 6" which covers the top of my table, over the tablecloths, and protects them somewhat against spills and stains from browser's coffee and cupcakes.

          I don't use my own table, I only do indoor fairs and don't have a gazebo, so needed a very versatile solution for a wide range of table sizes.


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            I too use a flat double bed sheet (in Lilac of course) ...and use pins to 'adjust' it to different table sizes.....
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              The oilcloth being stiff problem: could you have a fabric tablecloth and just have oilcloth laid on the top bitof the table, or maybe draped over the back and front a bit?

              Table sizes vary. 6'x2', 6'x3' I've even had 4'x2' and so does their height 1' in a nursery school , usually between 2' and 3'.
              So I'd make the fabric cloth 12'x9'. You can always fold it to fit on smaller tables. The oil cloth size is up to you. I like my 3'x3' table tops. They are very versatile and fit in all sorts of odd places.


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                I am using two king size flat sheets to cover the front and both sides of a 2 x 6ft table. This leaves enough length and weight at the back to stop it slipping forwards. I think I might alter them to make a fitted cloth but the price someone mentioned from Scotts of Stowe sounds better. I drape a decorative cloth over the top of my plain sheets.


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                  I got a large piece of the cheapest fabric Ikea do (think it was £1.75 pm) - it is a natural unbleached cotton type fabric. I hemmed it and fasten it onto assorted size tables with safety pins (sometimes I need to fold quite a bit up) this covers the legs etc I can then put a nicer decorative runner on the top



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                    I use Ikea linen curtains .