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Newbie to craft fairs!

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  • Newbie to craft fairs!

    Hi, i have never realy done a craft fair and am also considering it. Does anyone actually make any good money from them? Are they bust enough for me to earn a good days wages at one?

    Also, i don't see many advertised in the west midlands. Does anyone know of any I could start with?


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    Before you think about selling at craft fairs it would be a good idea to visit some, have a good look at the way people set their stalls out and display their goods, listen to how they talk to people, and don't be afraid to talk to them yourself. We're a very friendly helpful bunch.

    Craft fairs vary enormously, in size, cost of stall, number of visitors, type of stalls allowed (some are craft only, others are craft and gifts etc.)

    The questions you ask are impossible to answer because it depends on so many things. Yes of course people can make good money but that doesn't mean everyone does. The same person can do really well at one event and rubbish at another. The most successful people take a realistic and professional (in the real meaning of the word) approach and find out as much as possible first, then do as much as possible to maximise their success. Even the best craft fairs, with loads of visitors, can't force people to buy something they don't want!

    The best way to find fairs in your area is have a look on I wish you the best of luck!
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