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Craft Fair in Beverley, East Yorkshire

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  • Craft Fair in Beverley, East Yorkshire

    Hey there

    We have been approached to host a monthly craft fair in our pub, during the day of course!

    We don't have any experience in this area and wondered if any members of this forum would be interested in helping us organise events or just in renting a table at one of our fairs?

    One of our regular ladies recommended to post on this site.

    Any advice or help much appreciated
    Many thanks


    ps sorry if I haven't posted this message in the correct section

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    I'm in South Cave.
    can you post more details on the thread about where and when and how much, table size etc.. You may get more response from that
    full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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      Hey there

      Well as we are starting out I guess we don't have any specific dates as yet or prices for tables etc haha We are looking for some guidance I think too. We are hoping to host something monthly or bi-monthly, as a few of our regulars have mentioned a lack of venues in Beverley for them to sell their creations or indeed buy some fabulous creations. Any advice in the egg stage is much appreciated We looking for the first event to be late Jan/early Feb obviously depending on getting enough interest from people who'd like to hire a table and any advice on where to advertise the event, other than the usual posters, facebook, twitter, much appreciated too. Thank you.


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        you'll find a wealth of knowledge on here about what makes a good craft fair and legalitites etc.

        .For me handmade by the stall holder only no mass produced or bought in or franchise like Avon and phoenix cards
        .businesses registered with HMRC rather than those who trade illegally under the status "well it's only a hobby"
        .well advertised
        .easy access and parking
        .stall holders to hold public liability insurance

        Theres a few thoughts to be going on with!
        .a good selection of crafts
        full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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          Hi, I live in Beverley and would definately be interested in a stall. Can you give me more info when poss? Thanks


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            I live in beverley and would be interested if you go ahead!


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              I agree with the list suggested by Beadsbydesign. The only thing I would add to the consideration is the actual venue in regards to drinks. I steer clear of pub/club fairs unless there is a no drinks in the fair room policy.
              Pat Murphy



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                Hi, I live in Beverley and am interested if you go ahead x