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Rent a shelf to display/ sell your craft work in the Torfaen area

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  • Rent a shelf to display/ sell your craft work in the Torfaen area

    Hello everybody,

    Are there any crafters in the South Wales area that are interested in potentially displaying their work on shelves in a space at the centre of a bustling community in the Abersychan Ward?

    Our venture is very much in it's beginning stages but we are keen to gauge interest and your opinions about the service that we would provide.

    There would be a £35 charge per month for the rental of each shelf which works out at just £1.15 per day. You would be entitled to keep any profit that you make meaning that you could potentially earn back the fee in a matter of days.

    Included in the price would be -

    • The use of our display stands and units – we will ensure that your wares are displayed in their best light in order to appeal to the public. Exposure of your goods to the public 9 - 5.30 Monday to Friday and 9 – 12.30 on Saturday.

    • Advertisement space on our brand new website.

    • The opportunity to lead a pop up craft workshop in our building without rental costs. This will create a buzz around your product and enable lifelong learning – a key objective of the Partnership.

    • Insurance of your goods under our policy.

    Message me if you have any questions or are interested in being added to a mailing list which will update you on further developments!
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    This sounds very reasonable and well thought out to me. If I was nearer I'd probably give it a go. The things I'd need to know would be what is the approximate expected footfall (if it's a new venture you can judge by others nearby), would I have to commit to a set time (6 months? a year?) or is it pay as you go a month at a time. Also whose responsiblity is any shoplifting/breakages?

    I wish you all the best with this - sounds good.


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      Thanks for your feedback Kate! Much appreciated.

      It would be in the same space as the Local Post Office which would generate a large amount of footfall daily. The crafts would be the 'stock' as it were - we hope to work towards forming a creative 'hub' that will offer workshops & demonstrations etc.

      We haven't decided on length of commitment yet but would advise 6 months so that the sellers can have a rounded experience.

      We would be liable for any breakages - unfortunately accidents can happen. This goes for any shoplifting as well. We would have two members of staff on the shop floor at all time which would limit anything untoward happening - it is important to stress that our area prides itself on it's community spirit!


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        i hope your shop is going well and that this doesnt sound too cheeky but i have just opened up a shop and i am thinking of renting out shelfspace. I was just wondering what kind of contract do you use with the people who rent shelf space from yourself?