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Has anyone done a Cat Show?

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  • Has anyone done a Cat Show?

    I am off to my second Fair at the weekend. Sharing a table with my sister-in-law......tables are £60 so sharing seemed the only sensible option. I am not sure though how well knitted and crochet goods will go at one of these events. I think the actual Cat show is supposed to be quite big but with it being so close to Chrimbo I am not sure how many non cat folk will turn up.

    It will be a day and a half job too as we set up on Friday night and have to get there early on Saturday morning to catch the cat folk as they leave the cats for judging. Then we stay on to catch the public when they are allowed in to view later in the day. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea the weekend before Christmas...on the day of my son's orchestra concert...which both Dad and I will miss..... and granny and big brother are attending on our behalf...oh and the day before my dad's birthday......I must be mad!!!!!

    But if I am going, I may as well make the most of it...anyone got any ideas for quick catty bits and bobs I can make in the next 4 days............yes it is official I am mad..............

    Glad I bought a bottle of Wine earlier today.

    If anyone is at the Cat Show in East Kilbride on Saturday come alone and say Hi.


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    How about

    If you knit and crochet, doing some little cat "coats". You know how these pet folk are, they will literally buy anything for their animals. You could also knit some quick kitty xmas stockings. And how about tiny kitty santa hats.
    Good luck
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      And knitted cat toys like little mice with a bell sewn on would probably go down well.
      I'd do a kitty stocking, put a little toy in, nip out and buy some treats and maybe little brushes and put these in as cat xmas gifts.Maybe thread ribbon round the top for a drawstring type fastening
      Then you could do some knitted kitty themed stockings to hang as decorations for santa to put the cat's gifts in
      My little store;


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        Thanks for the suggestions, I have managed to sew some Granny squares together to make cat blankets, I will give the Kitty Xmas Stockings a go this afternoon, after the shopping/washing/ironing etc.......Gpsh December is hard work!!

        Will let you know how I get on!


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          You know how these pet people are.....

          Coo, Violet! I'm a pet person and there is no way Jose I would dress up either of my dogs!!!!! Nor buy clothes for daughter's moggy!!!

          I love my animals, and wouldn't embarrass them by dressing them up. Can you imagine a 47 kilo labrador in a Santa hat! She'd never forgive me, ever.

          I like the stocking treat idea though, and the knitted toys one. Most cats love a toy, speciaslly if they can pretend it is a juicy mouse......


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            Well.......that was a lot of work for £40!!!

            Sis in law took £100 so £140 in takings

            With the table at £60, setting up the night before took 2 Hours and we were at the show form 7:30 to 5, plus 2 lots of petrol. I would reckon that by the time you take into account materials we were well out of pocket.

            You live and learn.

            Note to self if the table is more than £15 don't bother!!!!


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              oooor... sorry your day wasn't as good as it could be, i hate that when you come away from an event thinking that it would have been more productive, less expensive (and less depressing) to spend a day at home with chocolate and videos!

              £15 per table is exactly what i've decided for next year!! (£20 maybe for an exceptional event!)


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                Where there other craft tables there ? Where a lot of visitors ? I have never seen the cat show advertising for crafters on saying that I went to a local horse show yesterday and was offered a table for next year.

                Really sorry it was a bad day after all your hard work

                Cheers Janice


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                  I think it depends on what the show is how much to spend on a table. I recently did a green fayre and paid £30 for the table and took £225 in 6 hours. On the other hand I did a 3 day event, paid £120 for the table and took £95. You have to choose events wisely and also make things that people want. If I had a pound for every time someone said "That's lovely" I would be able to retire on the proceeds. They just didn't buy the lovely stuff. Some people do and it all sells eventually but what really sells is useful things. Eventually selling doesn't give you a turnover, selling regularly does. I've learnt my lesson and I always turn in a profit nowadays, sometimes a small one but a profit nevertheless




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                    Agreed Steve.

                    There is a farmers market along the road, in a relatively up market village, every month with a craft show at the same time in the Church hall.

                    I am going to go along and do a bit of a reccy after Christmas to see how busy it is before I decide to cough up £40 for my table for 3 hours, that is 5 hours including set up and travel that I could be making stuff for the internet sales.