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Looking for craft fairs in Cambridgeshire/Suffolk

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  • Looking for craft fairs in Cambridgeshire/Suffolk

    Hi everyone,
    I'm new to this forum (great by the way very chatty and informative), and this may have been asked before.... I'm just getting started in craft fairs, I've done a few this year, but am looking for more in the Cambridgeshire/Suffolk areas for 2013.... redundancy looms and I now want to do something I enjoy - as well as keeping me out of the mischief I'd get into if I have too much time on my hands!!

    Thanks for any pointers....

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    A great start is the stallfinder website you can enter the area you are interested in and it will give you all the details and contact names of the organisers. I hope that helps. What kind of crafting do you do?


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      Cambs/Suffolk fairs...

      Hi Debbie, thanks for the pointer. I do one off flower 'things' anything from arrangements and bouquets to hair ornaments (clips, hairbands, fascinators) I even did a floral covered skateboard for a friend to use in a contest - so when the underside showed it had a floral message!