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My Preston disaster

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  • My Preston disaster

    Oh my lord, what happened to me today is beyond belief.
    I set off, children all packed into the boot, crafts on the seats lol to Preston, having booked it a while back now. I was looking forward to it especialy as I knew a couple of other forum members were going and we would get to meet.
    I found the town. I found the village, I even saw a sign saying "care home" and a kind of roundabout sign. But could I find that venue ??
    After 2 hours in the car, having scrutinised my aa route map, asked half a dozen people and being on the verge of hysteria, we decided to give up and head home, it would have been over by the time we finally found it.
    Head home, ha!! It was when I saw signs for Carlisle that I realised quite how far off my route I'd strayed.
    We set off at 11am and finally got home at 4pm having been in the car driving solidly except for a quick wee stop for my daughter.
    Now you're all going to say what a great day it was aren't you
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    Poor you. You have my sympathy about getting lost. I had to asked three people on Saturday how to find the venue I ws to go too. I had a knight in shining armour who told me to follow him in my car and he took me to the door.
    I always have my map and directions and still get lost.

    Cheers Janice.


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      Oh dear!

      I knew where it was only because I worked in the area and my kids go to nursery close by.....

      But no, Swirly and I did not have a good day sales wise but we had a good natter though!!


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        You really didn't miss anything but as Ruth said we did have a good chat!!
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          I really wanted to meet you guys...
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            If there is anything coming up in this area again will let you know if you are that desperate to meet us!!


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              Originally posted by Rodeo Lady View Post
              had a knight in shining armour who told me to follow him in my car and he took me to the door.
              Aw my fella does things like that for people, I was with him when he did just the other day, he's my Knight in Shining Armour!
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                Isn't it nice that there are people like this in the world. Say thankyou to him from me and all the other women ( some men too !!! ) who need knights in shining armour