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Quinborne Craft fair today - another profit!

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  • Quinborne Craft fair today - another profit!

    This will be my last fair before Christmas: we're running out of time!

    Daughter and I toddled off to Quinton for our fair at the Community Centre and library. It's only a short drive from home.

    The organisers had done a splendid job with ads, bunting, posters and so on: the venue was warm, clean and inviting. As the cafe in the Centre was closed ( the lady who runs it was off ill) the organisers arranged for hot drinks for those who hadn't brought their own, and also offered toast for those who hadn't brought anything to eat.

    There was a lovely range of crafts displayed from jewellery to enamelling, a walking-stick maker, a knitter, a glass-blower (gorgeous things), all arranged nicely in two rooms-the foyer and an adjoining room.

    People who were visiting the library came in for a look around.

    The only thing against us all was the appalling weather. It came down in sheets, with an evil wind, and it was very cold outside.

    No one can help the weather, and I think if it had been dry we would all have done very well. One lady, who had been there the previous year, said that she had done splendidly last year, as people crowded in in the afternoon when they came to change their library books.

    Quite frankly, if I had been going to change my books today, I would have thought blow it, I'll wait till Monday! So it went quiet in the afternoon.

    People were staying at home, I would think, and I can't blame them. I wouldn't have wanted to walk to the library in the conditions, especially with small children.

    In the afternoon, mince pies were handed round, which was a nice surprise.

    Jen and I made a small profit, which I spent on some super glass icicles from the galss-blowing lady.

    I have asked the organisers to keep me on the mailing list, but this time to give me a crack at having a cards stall ( I took decorations and bookmarks today, as he already had two cardmakers booked when I approached him in September).

    I have put a pic of Thursday evening's fair in the gallery: not so much for the table I had but for the corrugated iron walls.......and the look on my daughter's face!