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Family Time Ladies Evening in West Mids...Disaster...

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  • Family Time Ladies Evening in West Mids...Disaster...

    Had a stall on wednesday night at a ladies evening for Family Time magazine in Little Aston, and what an absolute disaster it was!

    I had high hopes, as it was in a marquee at a posh golf club, and when i booked i was told 200 tickets had already been sold, 6 weeks before the event. Infact, i was told it had moved venue to due the amount of interest, and they thought they needed a bigger space. we were also told they were sending letters to all the ladies at the golf club to invite them, as well as the 15000 families who saw the magazine in the midlands and a 2000 flyer drop.
    turns out, after speaking to someone else on the evening, they moved venue because they had been double booked, and only 170 people came through the doors on the night! so someone was telling porkys i think! i sold a few bags, but they were sold to friends who i had told about the event, and i could have just had them round my house for an evening for free to sell them those! my friend who shared a stall with me made 2.50...we were placed next another jewelery stall too.
    the table was £40 pound in the first place! and the lighting was awful...argh, what a nightmare.
    noone else did very well, and everyone was complaining, some ladies i spoke to didnt even make their money back...but we all had felt it was going to be a successful fair and worth the £40 because the organiser was so positive about ticket sales etc.

    i know the organiser cant force people through the doors, but i needed to have a moan and i thought id let people know ill be avoiding it next year!!
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    It is a rotten feeling when you are all geared up for a big event and it falls flat .Had this conversation with loads of people this year and just about everyone is having a bad time of it.

    I did a show in November that for the last 2 years has been the best on my calender and it was a awful. Not just because I made no money . I think it was more of the disapointment and all of the guys I know there felt the same way.

    Chin up !!!!!!! The next one will be the BIG one

    Cheers Janice


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      .... I think it might be worth you having words with the organiser. Inform them that you know their publicity didn't happen as quite stated and that they did not do what they promised. As them for proof of publicity....ask to see flyers, mags etc.

      Maybe even chat to the golf course events staff....

      You may get your money back, you may not, but telling them off might just stop them doing it again.

      I know, who better, that you cannot force people through the doors, or make them buy. And I know that publicity doesn't always work as planned. I've paid for media advertising that hasn't happened (radio ads) and ads that have gone into newspapers two weeks too late. These things do happen and there's nothing to be done about it.

      But telling huge porkies will damage your reputation as an organiser to an untold extent. Maybe this organiser needs to know what he/she has done to themselves.

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        On the evening I did have a few words with the organiser (another grumble - i didnt even know who she was as noone greeted us or checked we were ok, so had to ask fellow stall holders!) and told her i understood low turnout cant always be helped, but i felt she wasnt all that bothered; not much a craftsperson herself i dont think, so not sure she 'got' how much heart and soul we all put into our events!! I wouldnt ask for my money back, as the event was supposed to raise money for a childrens charity, although the cause wasnt mentioned once on the evening, even when announcing the raffle... strange i thought!


        oh well, live and learn hey!
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          I did a 4-day show in November that had the potential to be massive. Internally it was a fantastic location, but when you approached it from the road it looked so bleak and derelict.

          There were some really big-name stall holders at the show who had obviously thought it was an event worth doing.

          I paid £150 for my stall (NB - not "pitch") and when I got there, no tables were provided (ie, it should have been advertised as a pitch) so I had to dash out and buy 2 wallpaper tables at a cost of £16.00. In hindsight I should have just said "sod it" and gone home!

          For 4 days we waited for people to come. They were being charged £5.00 per person to get in through the doors, so some people were just turning straight round and not bothering. Those that did pay and came in the door ... the first stall they saw was a charity bric-a-brac stall who (apparantely) were telling customers "buy from us as we're raising money for charity, not for profit like all the other sellers".

          It was the worst event I have ever, ever done. Some sellers packed up early on the Saturday and went home. I decided to stick it out to the bitter end.

          I know for a fact that there was A LOT of complaining done by the sellers about the lack of advertising. People in the village/town we were in didn't even know the event was happening!!!

          The organiser claimed she had 20 years' of marketing experience. I now realise she did do an excellent job in selling the event .... to us poor sellers!

          One good thing did come out of it .... a lady who had seen me there contated me through the website and ordered 12 of my PE bags. Her total order value came to ..... £150 - the price I had paid to do the event!
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