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  • Hoar Park Craft Fair

    Just come back from this event, which I decided to go on at the last minute and guess what - I made a PROFIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I then promptly spent it, and more, on hot pork rolls - they had a hog-roast - and a bit of spending money for the grandson.Groan groan.

    The table was £10, which included the electricity and an extension lead too.

    It was nice to see TYP and Silvercat again.

    Although it was a long way for me to go, and the M6 was horrible and jammed, and then rush-hour traffic in downtown Furnace End - I mean, how many people live in a place called Furnace End - it's about three houses!-meant that it took me two hours to do 33 miles, it was still a super evening.

    We actually drove past the entrance to the complex, as there weren't any signs, and we only found it because my daughter spotted lights in the middle of the fields ( it's miles out in the countryside).

    Given that they've never done a fair there before, I don't think that overall they did badly at all. Good size table, all set out ready.

    We were in a corrugated iron barn, which leaked, and boy did the rain come down. There were plenty of customers though.

    I'd do that one again, but perhaps think a summer event would be better!

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    I agree...

    Hi primmers,

    Nice to see you and Toni again too....I sold one bracelet and one pair of earrings, so not really worth the time and effort but the organiser did say to me before the event that if it was dry there would a couple hundred people there, as its been going for 5 years, just the craft barn was new for this year...

    So it was really frustrating that it rained! for everyone involved...

    There were quite a few people tho, which was good to I think I would have been good if it was dry.

    There was a great choir & silver band playing carols, hog roast, and all shops there open too...was organised well.

    Would definately do it again next year...esp if its colder and dryer that week, ironically its dry and sunny today!! always the way isn't it!

    Hope you have a good christmas all!


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      Good to see you both too. I have to say, even tho I went home in profit, it wasn't enough profit to have all my pictures dripped all over all night - I did mention to the organiser before I went that, for future reference, they really should make sure anyone selling photos and pictures should be on the sides where it was dry! The poor bloke selling books in the middle of the barn had all his books covered with plastic all night - not ideal selling conditions!!

      I'm sure it would have been much more successful in better weather - I think if I ever do a barn again, I'll check the weather report first!

      Laura - I meant to say before I left, that the bracelet is gorgeous, thank you, my friend will love it (if she gets it, its very tempting to keep it for myself ).
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        Well done Primmers - have just been catching up on threads and it sounds like you've been doing well. Sorry if I missed this, but how did the event at Dudley go?
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          Katianne, it didn't! I had an email at 8.30 the Friday evening from the organiser - she had run into trouble about insurance from the Council, and so the fair was not to be. She'd also had probs with an entertainment licence for the band and so on.

          If I had known a week earlier, I would have been able to go to Elford. I'd heard from THAT organiser, saying he had rethought the insurance thing, and offering me a table. But as I had told Dudley I would go, I had to turn him down. Then of course, Dudley was cancelled at the eleventh hour..... the car was packed, the sarnies made, the flasks ranked ready to be filled....I wasn't too happy, but do think that the organiser at Dudley was asked to do an awful lot at very short notice - and she's never done anything like this before.

          I still hope they get the lottery funding: I've cast my vote anyway.

          I find industrial archaeology interesting - my ancestors worked in local heavy industry: chain making for the men, and because I'm a Walsall girl, leatherwork for the women.

          I'm very much a Black Country girl, and it grieves me to see the heavy industry disappear. It doesn't just take jobs away, it takes away skills and families and old-fashioned pride.

          I rarely go to Merry Hill - not unless I'm forced to: this shopping mall ( I suppose they'd call it a 'shopping experience') is built on the site of a mighty steel works called the Round Oak Steel works. I just cannot see how building a mall of boutiques and high-street named stores, all employing boys and girls at minimum wage, can possible be considered a replacement for a manufacturing plant that paid hard-working men a proper wage for turning out a proper product.
          However, the influx of cheap imported steel meant that British steel could not compete - too dear - and so it had to go. Simplistic view, but basically accurate.
          Enough rant.

          I have no more fairs now before Christmas. I might, and it's a big might, take a Friday night table at Wombourne, to see if I can shift a bit more stuff. I have put some cards on etsy. Some views, but no sales!

          Hope you are OK and doing well at your fairs!