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  • Time for a moan ............

    Why oh why do stall holders think it is acceptable to bring young children to craft fairs?
    Yesterdays delight was a couple with 2 children aged around 7 and 4. She spent the day with a mobile phone clamped to her ear and he spent the entire time on a laptop. Six hours of kids running riot, sticky fingers on everyones cloths and goods, helping themselves to a display of biscuits and sweets and generally making a nuisance of themselves. Oh yes and the organiser having to find a hoover to clean the carpet after the youngest took one bite of a cupcake, threw the rest on the floor and ground it into the carpet with her foot!
    Moan over, thank you

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    Down to the organiser to draw their attention/insist that they control their offspring I am afraid. Mind you, it does not stop the individual also having a go about their contact with the bored little tearaways. Perhaps you should have 'ganged up' on them. Would have carried some weight that way.
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      I know what I would have done told the guy to 'get off your laptop and take care of your children as this is not a play ground but my and every other stall holder's place of work.

      But I expect a certain level of behaviour from parents and children and I'm not afriad to speak up.

      I'd also have made the child clean up the carpet then march it back to its excuse for a parent.

      I really don't understand it either would they take their children to the office and allow them to misbehave I don't think so.
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        Must have been something in the air - there were two little boys running through our market ALL day long, yesterday. They belonged to a vendor. They actually posed a danger to shoppers, especially those who are not so solid on their feet anymore. And it poses a danger to vendors' merchandise. I think the market manager should definitely say something to the parents - either control them or don't bring them.


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          Oh dear, how awkward. As a matter of interest, what kind of crafts were they selling? I wonder if the children are allowed to finger THEIR goods.



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            I have had experience of children being brought to craft fairs but they have always been well behaved or kept under control by the stallholders. I can understand that for people with young children it is not always possible to get someone to look after them while they are at a fair but there is no excuse at all to let them run riot.



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              I had the same thing on Saturday - whilst I understand it can be difficult if you have small children so it may be necessary to have them with you, at least take control of what they do when they are there!!

              This particular stallholder was hardly ever at her stall anyway during the Friday evening event (not a crafter but a 'franchiser') but on Saturday when her very small, very active daughter was there to 'help' all hell broke loose as this child was left to roll around on the floor, run around wherever she wanted & the mother seemed completely oblivious to it as she chatted on her mobile! I did tell her daughter not to play around our stall & she stayed clear but it was very apparent that this child ran rings around her & she didn't have a clue!!

              Contrast that to some of the children who were at the show as visitors (it was at a primary school so lots of them around) who were perfectly behaved & so polite! Well until the packing up time when they were bored waiting for parents who were helping staff with clear up so the kids starting playing on the gym mats which, as expected, ended up getting quite boisterous! Fortunately, they were out of the way & we got packed up & left just as it was starting to get very noisy!!
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