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    i know there has been a bit of chat on the forum about school fairs and whether they are worth doing.
    i did one last night and yes, it was worth doing. i made £82 in 2 hours! the most i have made at any other fair (ok so i've only done 3 ) is £60 and that was after being there for 5 hours.
    there were always people at the table and even better, most bought something. I've another one on friday night so am frantically trying to make a bit more stock.
    of course, that could be a real washout

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    Well Done!

    That's a great result!

    Keep us posted about Friday's event!

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      Well done you !!!!!

      Good luck for Friday

      Cheers Janice


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        Great stuff! I hope the next one is as good for you.

        I've got one this Friday at the local village school. Fingers crossed.



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          I was thinking about doing some school fairs next yr. I think the target audience will be good for my stuff

          I spent lunch today (40 mins) sitting in my hubs school staff room with a table of stuff and made £60 !!
          Much better than my £60 for 4 hrs in the freezing cold on Saturday!

          Good luck for Friday alisoni
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            well done and good luck for friday i'm at St Georges market on saturday at the Christmas Craft Fair run by Belfast City Council so i'm up to my eyes at the sewing machine
            while i knit i think




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              Well done and good luck for Friday!

              I'm hoping to do a School Fair next year - November to be precise!! But they get booked up really quickly (I have to get my form back by Easter and then not guaranteed the spot that I want!) as its a very good event!


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                It might be a bit naive, but how do you find out about the school fairs? I'm not sure that any on my local schools do them - I've seen no advertising or anything like that.

                My grandson's junior school have a summer fete every July, but that is mainly things like tombola, cakes-and-tea, bric-a-brac and so on rather than a fair.


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                  Originally posted by Primmers View Post
                  It might be a bit naive, but how do you find out about the school fairs? I'm not sure that any on my local schools do them - I've seen no advertising or anything like that.
                  I'd like to know the same thing. Do you just send heaps of letters out or to you go and visit or is it word of mouth?

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                    get hold of the yellow pages and look up schools. Discount the more run down and poorer areas (They'd let you attend, but no one spends)
                    send out a letter addressed to the PTA or events organiser and detail your stock etc. Then sit back and wait.
                    Some schools like my local do easter fairs so it'll be worth sending details out in January.
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                      i was lucky with this one - my sister is a teacher there!
                      i heard about the one i have booked on friday through a parent. i brassed necked it, emailed the school and got a booking form.
                      a lot of schools round here just seem to advertise the week before in the local paper so i've been too late to get a table.
                      lots of schools will be having easter fairs so its a good idea to approach them now by phone or email and just ask if they are doing one.


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                        ....if there aren't any schools near you having fairs, why not try approaching your local school and asking if you can organise one? It's not difficult (I know because I can do it...)

                        You can volunteer to donate raffle/tombola proceeds to the school, or maybe the school will charge you a hiring fee for their facilities or take a small percentage of the total sales.

                        Most schools, especially primarys, are desperate for any extra cash they can get, as budgets from the LEA get tighter every year.

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                          There's a web site thebestof which I found last month, if you put your local town or one you want to go to in there it will bring up events like school fairs & sometimes the organiser & phone number, if not I phone the school, they're normally very helpful & it's usually the PTA organising them, I do 6 schools at the moment.


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                            I only found out because my hairdressers kids go there

                            But am thinking of contacting local schools after Christmas to see if anything coming up for Easter.

                            maybe, Swirly, we should organise something??!!


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                              Don't forget church fairs

                              I did a church fair which was very successful, and feel worth it.
                              Not only the selling of cards but meeting fellow card makers. The table cost me £15 which went to the church.

                              As these things are hard to find perhaps we ought to keep our eyes open and put the details on the forum?