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  • Disaster!

    Well my four day event was a complete disaster I paid £100 for the stall for the 4 days fairly confident that I would make my money back and I made £7 on Thursday, £18.50 on Friday, £11 on Saturday and £25.80 on Sunday and I only made that much on Sun because my mum bought £12 worth of stuff! So a grand total of £62.30 Over 4 days
    On Friday everyone walked past my stall - I didn't even have the pleasure of the 3 p'ers On Friday more people looked but not many bought and on Saturday people were just rude despite me being very upbeat and saying hello to them all whilst sat sewing. On Sunday it was freezing and I needed to wear gloves and couldn't do any sewing so I just sat and read my book - I still looked up whenever people walked past and said hello. The girl opposite me didn't bother coming back on the Sunday because her sales were so bad.
    None of the other crafters did well so it wasn't just me! I think it was a combination of people not realising that stalls were there (the number of people who asked me what I was doing there!), poor advertising, the wrong kind of stock for the clientèle and the wrong location of my stall. But saying that people who were in the dedicated craft marquee didn't do well either as many people didn't realise that there were stalls in there and thought it was just hot food!
    Anyway, I know which fair not to do next year!!!! My stall looked good though as I borrowed something from my MIL to add height. I'll let you all know when the pics are up on my blog. I also got lots of ideas written down in my notebook (recycled naturally!) and I made two new products - again photo's later!
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    Hi Swirly,

    Am really sorry to hear your fair was such a disaster! Was thinking of you over the weekend and was hoping you were doing well. Cant believe how bad it was! Your stuff is brilliant!
    Sounds like the organisers have a lot to answer for!
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      Well I certainly let the organisers know what I thought on the feedback form! I wasn't rude just told them what they needed to do next time. Knowing Light-water though (and I used to work for them so I do know) they will just ignore it and carry on regardless!
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        What a shame . Thought you were going to tell us all "how well you had done"

        Dont understand why you didn't sell your things are so differant and funky.

        Best wishes for next time.

        Cheers Janice


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          I'm so disappointed for you. I honestly thought you'd do really well but had a feeling on Saturday that things were not going as planned.

          If you felt you did everything right and it was down to lack of advertising etc, then don't get too downhearted - that is the organisers fault. And at least you know not to do that one next year!

          Lets hope that Sunday will be better for you and that Swirly Chickens will take over Preston!!!


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            Four days and that is not good, but keep sewing....Know what you mean by the cold, I was inside Sunday and I was still freezing.


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              Why Swirly that is alot of 'smilies'

              I'm sorry to hear the fair was not good, I would have thought a four day event would have attractted a large audience, but these events do need advertising. It seems so many times that the event organisers seem to be the only winners.

              We love your stuff on here, you should have come back with lots of these 'smilies' Better luck for the next one.


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                It's not all bad - I got to spend some quality time with my mum which was nice (she works at LWV in the shoe shop) and I did get some nice comments on my work and everyone had a bad 4 days - even the shops were down on what they made last year! I also made new products and have lots of ideas and questions to ask on here so as I say it wasn't all bad. And I'm now fully stocked for the fair I'm doing on Sunday!

                Pictures of my stall are now on my blog for those who want to have a peek

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                  Hi Swirly

                  I really feel for you, it is disheartening
                  I did a craft fair yesterday in biggleswade, the lady who runs it, really well advertised it, there was a fair few peeps in considering it was chucking it down outside but people just werent putting their hands in their pockets. Instead they just stood in front of my stall - blocking it for anyone else to view - chatting with their friends!!!!
                  I didnt make my table money back either and the lady isnt doing them anymore because shes had enough - some of the stall holders were a tad rude!!! bless her, shed done all she could do as far as i was concerned.

                  Onwards and upwards Swirly - heres to next year - lol x
                  Good luck and yes keep sewing, I have your blog on favourites so I will keep an eye out for photos x
                  Deanne x

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                    But still selling stuff on etsy!!!

                    It's never too late to gyrate!


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                      I am so sorry you didn't do well at the fair. I think your chooks are lovely, and as you may remember, I don't much like chickens!

                      I have made three sales on etsy now, and that is largely thanks to your encouragement for telling me to go ahead and join up. I'm glad I did.

                      Have PM'd you.


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                        Swirly I am gutted for you - it can be totally soul destroying when that happens and we are all sending big prosperity vibes for the next one. Like many others on here I think your chickies are FAB and FUNKY - so dont loose heart !!


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                          Oh Swirly.....

                          .......was there no advertising at all?

                          I always think it helps that I have a stall at our events. If sales are low it affects mer too, so I know just how crafters are feeling.

                          It is hard though. We've advertised in the local papers, local radio and websites, and you still get loads of people saying 'Oh...didn't know this was on today...' Most people don't check papers or websites for these things and poster campaigns aren't always successful (especially when there's sabotage...)

                          Chin up, you'll do better next time!

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                            It is very disheartening, but as you say at least it wasn't just you. And the law of averages has just made your chances of a successful fair next time increase.