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Hoar Park Victorian Evening - Thurs 8 Dec

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  • Hoar Park Victorian Evening - Thurs 8 Dec

    I am attending a victorian evening at Hoar Park Shopping Village nr Ansley, Warwickshire. Google it to find their own website...and details on how to book.

    I haven't done this one before as this is the first time they are adding crafts. Its £10 a table in the antiques barn, so its inside! and there is power if you need it too.

    I spoke to the lady there, and she said that I could invite as many crafters as I like as she can always make space. I would recommend you check what other crafts they have got booked in, as I'm not sure if they will put a limit on stall types etc, so best to check that, so that you get the best sales. They also have a few shops there, so make sure you won't be selling similar stuff to them too.

    This is a small craft village, I went there a year ago, and there were about 6-8 shops including a restaurant, antiques barn, garden/home section too I think, it's in the middle of the countryside, but they have been running this Victorian christmas evening every year for the last 5 years, and the lady said that they have sometimes a couple of hundred people attend, depending on whether.

    They have a silver band with carols around the tree, hog roast, free mulled wine & mince pies it sounds really sweet, let's just hope we get some sales!

    You need to arrive around 4.30-5pm, as she said it gets really busy after then, but if you book she will tell you this anyway! It starts at 6.30, from the website.

    It's only a tenner so for me in Coventry, its definately worth the risk! and it may be really really just never know with these things..


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    Thank you for posting this. I have emailed the organisers for a booking form. She may have enough cardmakers already, so I've asked her if she would want another.... yet another.....


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      Great to hear you are wanting to come along too...sorry to hear she may not have space, but I think its probably the sort of event (being small) that any more than 1 of each craft type would mean no real profit for you or them...

      I would advise if she already has cards that it may not be worth your while...but totally up to you



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        oooh, another thought...

        I know you make lovely christmas decorations, bookmarks etc too...maybe say that you could do a table of half cards, half them or 3/4 decor & other craft, then a sprinkling of cards....this would make your sales better and then she may have space for you...

        It's really difficult, I know what its like, as jewellery is always booked up when I phone events, esp as I only ever find out about them too late usually! but being on the other side of organising fairs, I know what its like for organisers too..

        just a thought..


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          Silver, I emailed the organiser via their website but haven't heard back yet.
          I did only email yesterday, though!

          Got into work this morning to find that there was no heating at all: we were perished. One of the girls organised a conga to warm us all up: even the manager joined in, bless him ( he's very errr..... Proper). We all stuckour hands in the pockets of the person in front- COAT pockets, that is - and had a bit of a dance around. Music was provided extempore. Well, our Sandra sang a bit and then had to la-la-la cos she forgot any words.

          Ten minutes later there was an email from The Senior Management ( or its minion) saying that it took a dim view of officers dancing where they may be seen by the public. The public would have cricks in their necks then, cos we're on the fourth floor.

          By about twelve, when it was clear that we weren't going to get any heating, our manager sent us home with work to do there. I daresya Senior Management will have something to say about that too.

          Sheesh, I give up with this building. Every morning I go in to an inbox full of emails all saying 'don't'. We moved into it at the beginning of November from a much smaller, and much more informal, office. This new one has about 400 staff, every flippin one of them a misery.

          We put up our Christmas decorations last week. We then had an email saying that we were supposed to wait for permission from Senior Managemnt before decs were put up.

          We're waiting now with crossed legs for the loo rota - to be told when we can go......


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            Hopefully I will see you at Hoar Park. I have heard from the organiser: the craft fair is in the antiques barn.
            I may be a bit late arriving.
            My other daughter is coming with me: Jen has her works Christmas dinner that evening and Himself is away in Geordieland for a few days.

            So elder daughter Anne has volunteered to come with me.
            We may have to bring grandson Patrick - he's 11 - if we can't find someone to palm him off, sorry, look after him. He isn't a troublesome boy, though.

            I'm just concerned about the arrival time, as Anne doens't finish work till 3.10, and Spud (Patrick) doesn't finish school till 3.40.

            We'll have to do our best!

            Look forward to seeing you.