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elford christmas market 1st dec

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  • elford christmas market 1st dec


    just wondering if any of you are selling there this weekend, as i know theres a few people from around lichfield... ill be there with my bags, so hopefully be able to put faces to names!
    also - are you dressing up? i dont think my wardrobe stretches to victorian?!

    holly xxx
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    Lol... I'm doing it and won't be dressing up!!

    Its going to be freezing so lets hope they put us near the mulled wine table

    Look forward to meeting you Holly
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      Hi there Holly and Sam

      I'll be there too with my cousin Hayley. Were bringing our jewellery along and we won't be dressing up. We thought about it for a little min!!!!

      Were trying to think of victorian ways to arrange our table but not having much luck really, we'll think of something.

      Should be a very good atmosphere, we've got our hubby's coming too mainly to get us there!!

      Look forward to seeing you both there if we get a mo to escape the flocks of peeps that is! Fingers crossed.



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        are you going to be lighting your stalls...?
        its going to be dark by 4, and im not sure what the lighting is like there as i havent been before?

        ill be bringing along flocks of family hopefully...they always get excited at the thought of christmas (well perhaps my dad doesnt, but he'll get dragged along just the same!!)
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          They have lights running through all the stalls apparently, but I'm taking a mini xmas tree and fairy lights for my table.

          And you don't need to get your lights PAT tested

          I've got lots of family coming/helping, just hope they let the buyers get to my stall
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            I wish I could do it - would be great to meet you all!!! I had already arranged to go away this weekend, before I read about the fair. God luck everyone and let us know how it goes
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              I will be there as well! There goes the neighbourhood!
              look forward to seeing fellow crafters.
              Best wishes


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                Had a great time =D

                Nice to meet you all and how strange to have a stall right next door to the lovely flutterby butterfly!!

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                  ahhh warm!

                  it was a lovely evening, and we even managed a few sales!
                  it was good to meet people too... il be seeing you all again soon no doubt!

                  did everyone do ok there?

                  might have been better towards the end of the evening if the rain had stayed away!
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                    Really nice evening was had by Hayley and myself, brilliant to meet Sam (Incy Wincy), although freezing cold it was festive and we managed a few sales too.

                    Hope to see you again at other shows and fairs!!